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Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
Do not go for it. Wanna know why? The new Xbox 360 Slim has a 200 gb hardrive, built in Wi Fi connection, dirt cheap Xbox Market place, and the ability to play Netflix movies in 1080p. The only thing the Ps3 really has going for it is the built in Blu Ray player. I recommend getting the 300-400 Xbox 360 with 3 free games added into the bundle, and getting a good HTD Blu Ray player for 70 dollars. In the end, you save money. And yes, most stuff in the Xbox Live purchase is absolutely free. I can stream some movies for free here in Europe through Xbox Live.
PS3 Has all of those features dude. Netflix isn't an xbox exclusive anymore. Wifi has been there from the get-go. PsStore is just as "dirt cheap". The blu ray player is just a bonus. As for a 200 gb hardrive yeah is an upgrade but unless you're saving movies to your hard drive or just have A LOOOOT of games you don't need that much space (and all you have to do there is use an external memory unit for extra memory). Xbox live silver is a joke and unless you go gold there is no point to it. Both are great systems but at this late in the game they look fairly similar you can go with either and be satisfied.

Xbox has a slightly better selection of games and better customer support.
Ps3 has better hardware and backwards compatibility and free online(with a buyable upgrade as well which shares many features that Live boasts).

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