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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins (NEW CHAPTER UP!)

Ash sent out his massive Blastoise. Ash observed the giant turtle and concluded that it was a very powerful and well-trained Pokemon. It was impressive, as Ash had never gotten a good look at the beast. It could easily tower over any human, and its large water cannons did not dub its presence. It yelled out in its own speech, and made a loud reloading sound with its cannons.

Cameron stood their, leaning on his massive buddy, "So, you still wanna battle?"

"I have type advantage!" yelled Ash confidentially, "Of course I wanna!"

Misty was nervous about announcing this match. Not only was it extremely rare that she ever judged a match, she did not know anything about her friend's battle styles anymore. Ash had been gone so long, all she could remember as shear power. And, since the last gym leader did not battle, she could not tell how Cameron would conduct battle. Ash's Pikachu leaped off Ash's shoulder and stood in a sturdy pose, its eyes fixated on the large tortoise.

Cameron stood strait, his chest rising in pride and in confidence, "Are you ready? Because here it comes!"

"This will be a one on one Pokemon battle!" announced Misty. Her voice shook in the beginning, but as she continued she slowly gained her confidence. At the end is all Ash and Cameron heard, "Let the battle start!"

"Pikachu, Volt Tackle!" yelled Ash.

"Blastoise, Withdraw!" commanded Cameron in a loud voice. Ash watched his opponent's face, to study where his eyes went. However, all he could see was a smile on Cameron's lips.

"Blaaaaast!" yelled Blastoise and it retreated into its thick shell. Pikachu hit the shell directly, shocking the shell, but not Blastoise. Ash quickly thought on what to do you next, but what happened next through him off his mental balance. The huge rocket launcher-like cannons poked out of the shell, and started to swell and bellow.

"What is he doing?" whisper Misty, but Ash could hear. The cannons grew even more. Ash ordered a series of attacks on the thick shell, but it seemed to be as hard as diamond. What was worse, Ash was tiring Pikachu out. So he ordered a tactical retreat. The cannons were huge, and seemed like the metal would bust, but then, an accurate blast of water, not a long drawn out sort, but an accurate shot nonetheless hit Pikachu. Pikachu was sent flying, soaking wet. The Blastoise then jumped out of its shell, and hobbled up to Pikachu, who was laying on the ground, senseless.

"In one shot?" gasped Ash. The Pikachu got up, surprisingly, and Ash knew exactly what to do, "Pikachu! Quick attack at Blastoise's head!"

Pikachu quickly obliged and smacked the Blastoise on its head. The Blastoise hobbled back a short distance. "Blastoise! Duck!"

Pikachu sent a large wave of electricity soaring over the ducking Blastoise. "Darn! Aim low now!"

The Blastoise was too slow. An precise shot was dealt in the abdomen of the Blasoise. It yelled out in severe pain, as electricity dealt double damage on water-types. Cameron looked slightly bewildered, even frightened, but did not show much of it. "Blastoise, show them why you are the best!" The Blastoise quickly recovered, and withdrew in its shell. Pikachu jumped on the shell and crawled inside the neck hole. "Push your head up quickly!" yelled Cameron.

The head of Blastoise shot up like a rocket, sending Pikachu airborne yet again. "Jee, Ash. Your Pikachu sure likes to fly a lot. Sure he's not a Zapdos!?"

Misty smirked at the pun, but then remembered the Orange Islands and quickly stopped laughing. Ash looked angrily at Cameron and ordered Pikachu back on its feet. In leaped up as commanded, but a slight sign of pain showed. Blastoise breathed heavily, as its previous burst of speed was not its normal cup-of-tea. "Blastoise, Head Butt!"

"Pikachu, dodge and land on its back! Use Thunder Bolt!" barked Ash hastily.

The Blastoise lunged at Pikachu, but Pikachu jumped over the rushing Pokemon and landed on its back. The Blastoise's eyes opened up wide. Cameron analyzed the situation closely, and did an amazing feat, he looked to see areas on which he could deflect areas of water. "If I cannot win, I am bringing you down with me!" he yelled, "Blastoise, fire a Hydro Pump at that rock over there!"

Trainers passing by had started to arrive to watch the combat. Some were impressed, others were cheering, and still others were not even phased. But, one thing all those trainers could agree on, was that whatever Cameron was doing, it was extremely unorthodox. Bringing your foe down with you? What ever happened to a winner and a loser. The water was deflected off the rock and bounced off a tree. The speed of the water was so powerful, it never lost a drop as it bounced. It bounced off several surfaces, and all the trainer's heads went back and forth watching it. By the time Pikachu had used its electricity, the vapor trail strung from Blastoise all the way to the electric mouse. The electricity followed this trail and not only severely wounded Blastoise, but knocked Pikachu off Blastoise's back and sent it flying yet again.

The Blastoise winced from the pain, looked around at the crowd, let a faint smile and tumbled to the ground in a loud thud. Pikachu flew, and hit the ground, "Pikachu!" Ash ran over to his good friend, Pikachu. Cameron walked over to Blastoise and hugged his fallen friend.

"You did great Blastoise, and you too Pikachu!" complimented Cameron, "You aren't half bad when it comes to battling, Ash."

It took Misty, and the other trainers for that matter, quite a while to catch up with the outlandish actions. Ash and Cameron shook hands and smiled. Their battle was done, and Cameron proved that he would at least always even the field. "Nice attack from beyond the unconscious grave," said Ash.

Misty finally caught up, "And the battle is a draw! There is no victor!" and she walked to her two friends. New trainers were in awe and expressed adoration, experienced trainers were impressed, and adults were shaken. It was impressive. Ash and his gang bid farewell to all their observers and entered the city of Sword.


Red was enjoying looking into the ocean outside their window. The waters were different here than they were from Clementine Port. The water was dark, and glaciers could be seen floating at the top occasionally. Red took to the cold, partially submerged city quite well. Laura and Popuri were sitting on a couch lit by a blue light. The rug was dark blue, the curtains were black, the furniture was dark blue, all to fit the dark blue ocean. In the rooms were yellow lights which lit up all the blue. It was nice and somewhat comfortable. Laura and Popuri were snuggled at opposite ends at the couch.

Red felt a sudden touch of emotion when they entered the room. Popuri sat on the couch, watching television with Laura when she said, "This is the coziest I have ever felt. You know... When it is a rainy day and you can stay in a room away from the rain."

Red looked at her with a new found respect. She had helped him win a badge, and actually had the courage to look into his moderately critical and scornful eyes. He had never meant to appear that way to people, and in the beginning of his travels back in the Kanto region, he was actually pretty outgoing. Popuri had got him wondering when he became like the way he was. Was he really that cold? He got up and sat between them and watched what was on. A funny comedy show was on, then a cool little cartoon about kids and their everyday school problems. Popuri fell asleep, and Laura talked Red into not moving from the spot. So, there he slept sitting up, with both of his friends.

Red got to think during his sleep, Laura and I act adult and parent-like. I find that strange.


Ash and his company had arrived in the city. It was night-time already, for it got dark early. The group entered a dimly lit Sushi bar and ate. It had soothing music and the sound of water trickling could be heard. Ash and Cameron gobbled all their food down, while Misty took her time with her food, as usual.

However, amid Cameron's joking and all his talking, he thought about things too. He thought it was sudden how Ash challenged him to a match. He thought it was funny how unpredictable and unprepared Ash was, but he was the most influential being he had met on the entire planet. He managed to coax Misty into being a referee for the match, and in the end Misty was judging the battle in front of maybe twenty trainers and she did not even notice. Cameron was not as influential as Ash, despite his giddy charm. He often wondered how he would fair against him in the Pokemon Leagues.
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