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Default Re: Stupid fillers

Originally Posted by Chaos_Control View Post
But Pokemon was RIDICULOUS with fillers as of late.
True, thats why were not talking about the Pokemon's fail fillers...

Originally Posted by Nyurgh View Post
Umm, without fillers, a season of Pokemon would be like, 12 episodes long with each episode being a different gym battle or another round of the championship.

Filler episodes are cool, especially when the creators decide to take a break and do something silly, 2-3 seasons of fillers is stupid.(I'm looking at you, Naruto) But one or two filler episodes between each arc isn't too bad. My brain would fry if I didn't get a little break between major plot points.

Naruto's fillers are epic fail... thats why I dont watch it...

Fillers from bleach are numerous but they are alot more important than most... why? because, there are times in history when the bleach anime was like 10-20 episodes ahead of the manga... so they did what they thought was nessesary... make fillers like hell....
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