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Default Re: What was YOUR game of the year?

In Japan: Pocket Monsters Black
In general: I had my eye on Halo Reach, Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption, and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Tough choice but I gave it Halo Reach. An amazing way for Bungie to go out. The campaign was very suspenseful and it brought me to the edge of my seat especially during the final two missions. The multi-player is phenomenal. You have a decent amount of playlists to enter. The maps may be lacking but they do their job well in certain game types. Sword Base in particular is a great map for Multi team Oddball and King of the Hill. The battles tend to get pretty hectic. And for those that are creative, there is Forge World. A map on it's own and pretty humongous clocking in at 1 hour to traverse by foot. It's a great sandbox to create your own custom maps. You're imagination and the number of objects at your disposal are really your only limits. Making what is known as "Forge Art" is another fun thing to do in forge world. That's why I Reach is my GOTY. >.>

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