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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins (NEW CHAPTER UP!)

Red, Laura, and Popuri walked through the numerous tubes and tunnels, and those tubes and tunnels were treated as if regular roads. Cars drove through them, people walked through them running errands, going to work, or to school. Small shops and stands were opened up, with all the building's entrances and lower fronts attached to the tubes. The buildings looked like regular buildings, only with air-tight seals and fixtures. It was impressive, and Red had no problem admitting it, even to Popuri and Laura. "This is," he paused for a minute, but then continued, "amazing."

Laura and Popuri smiled, and then turned around to watch all the amazing activities going on in the submerged sector of the city. Shop keepers were yelling out advertisements, and school children were bustling and laughing. There was one, tall kid, who did nothing but joke and joke with the other kids. He was not shy with the girls either, which was impressive considering his age of twelve.

"Picture that kid's actions with Cameron's looks and you will get your crush," said Laura.

Popuri blushed, for Red was standing right there. But, unknown to Popuri, Red didn't even notice they were talking as he was looking out the glass of the tunnel watching Wailords swim.

"Not here," moaned Popuri.

Laura stood there, not affected by Popuri's words. She had been leaning on a building's hand rail and she leaned over in the opposite direction to face Red, "Hay, Red, you enjoying the fish out there?"

"Can you hurry up with whatever you are doing, I wanna catch one of these bad boys," replied Red, emotionally detached as he gazed at the Pokemon. Laura leaned back on the bar and faced Popuri. Laura shook her head to get her hair out of her face and said, "See, he ain't listening."

"Oh, well, ehe... That is what I like about Cameron. He is so funny but yet so caring. That day that we met, and I was working the guts up to challenge him and his friend to a match. I really did want to, but that is not the reason I was supposed to-"

"I know, I know missus Poe-per-ee," comforted Laura kindly.

"Ohhh..." cried Popuri in frustration. Laura offered a hug and Popuri took it.


"And so I said to the fat guy, 'You are what you eat, and you clearly went out and devoured a big fat guy, didn'tchya!?'"

Both Ash and Misty could not suppress their laughter. While it was a rude thing to say, it was hilarious. It was hilarious because both of them could have never said anything like that, it was true, and it just sounded so planned out. Cameron stood triumphant as both of his friends laughed, "I am the victor, and I shall drink from the cup of champions!" He then pulled out a Gatorade and gulped it down.

Ash was laughing, but then looked forward to notice they were going to arrive in Sword in about ten minutes, according to Ash's map reading skills anyway. Cameron never payed any mind into Ash's horrible map reading, for he knew Misty probably could not do much better if she were put into his shoes, but he never said anything to risk damage to his reputation or his friends'.

Ash had been thinking for a long time about Cameron. Cameron was a great friend, for he seemed to always give the right amount of attention to every social matter. He was also a good traveling companion. He never complained about anything, unless it was a true injustice. One time, Misty threatened to not allow Cameron to have any food because Cameron refused to help put her tent up. Of course, Cameron took this very seriously, and Ash recalled the conversation, "You can't take a boy's grub-a-way Miss Misty!" exclaimed Cameron in a fake British accent.

"You will just have to deal with it."

"I can't find the energy to deal with it, maybe if you have be some food, I could deal with it!"

The conversation ended in the entire group laughing about it over supper, as Cameron watched Misty angrily as he cooked his hot dog, expecting her to swipe it away from him. Cameron was a good person, and Ash finally recognized that it was an amazing friendship they formed over one thing, a challenge to a battle. Ash also recalled the first opening words from Cameron, "Hay, hay, hay, hay! If you wanna a battle, I will turn you into ashes!".

Ash turned around, "Cameron, we are so close to the city. We have battled all the trainers we could during our walk over to Sword. Wanna battle?" asked Ash, extremely confident. Cameron stood there for a long time, the same confident face on. He seemed to contemplate about his next action.

"All righty, you got yourself a battle."

"Wait, what? Just like that? No warning? Who will judge it?" Misty barraged them with a series of questions. Cameron stood there, unable to come up with any good answers for any of the questions, so he kept his mouth shut tightly. But Ash already had answers.

"Yes, just like that, he is my friend. And you can judge it."

"Me? judging a Pokemon battle? I have only done it one other time. I-I don't think I can-"

"You can do it, I mean, you are a good trainer, and you know how battles work. Come on? What do you say?" asked Ash, with his kind smile. Misty caved.

"Okay, okay."


Red was still thinking about Ash's abilities as not only a trainer, but as a friend. He seemed to be able to to convince people to do things by not only words, but by example. He had heard rumors of all the things he did with Misty and his other friend, Brock, the first year he was a Pokemon trainer. He had heard he made Misty face her fears of bugs, as Red made friends with trainers in Cerulean city. He also heard that he got Brock to even get the courage to leave the house to go on a Pokemon journey. However, his thoughts would have to wait, "We are gonna need to find a room soon. Whatever you are talking about will have to wait."

Laura and Popuri giggled a little and then walked to a hotel near their area. An underwater hotel, no less.


Chibb was sitting on a branch eating a glistening red berry. He was enjoying the sun that shined in Ordo's eastern coast. His eyes were closed as he savored each bite of the berry and soaked in the rays of the sun. The great, name self-apointed, Kain walked in and towered above the tree Chibb was perched on. "You are blocking the sun you big oaf," Chibb said playfully.

"Well, I have a very important matter to bring to you."

"If it is about he combat readiness of the locals, they are fine. They know how combat works," sighed Chibb.

"No, it is not that."

Chibb liked the sudden excitement and eagerly sat up, "Wot is it then old chap?"

"I think you should learn the human language," he said.

"What? Learn the human language? Are you insane? Not even Pokemon trainers have caught do that! You are out of your mind. Name a Pokemon that has done such a thing," said Chibb. He was starting to breathe quickly and sharply.

"Calm down, or you will see that berry again. And it won't look appetizing either."

Chibb let out a small and nervous laugh, "I suppose you are right."

"Now, all I want you to do is to learn it."

"How do you expect me to do that?" asked Chibb.

"Oh, that is the easy part. Xatu already has the language books of the humans. He has all sorts of interesting texts in his tent of his," said Kain.

"Fine, whatever. I will work on it. Don't expect it to be perfect. I want to keep my Pokemon dignity here."

Kain sighed and turned away. He muttered, "Yep, Pokemon pride."
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