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Default Re: Individual RP: Xalapeno

OOC: Gack, I'm such a terrible ranger...sorry for the delay, I was skiing and didn't have much time for the Internet...


"Calvin, please try to get us out of here, I don’t particularly wish to find out if that Magneton is in a bad mood and much less in this smelly place," Robert pleaded.

"Get us out of here?" said Calvin, tip-toeing to the door. "That can be arranged. If you'll just follow me, we can just nip out this door..." Rather more hastily than was necessary, Calvin skipped through the gap in the rusted door and slipped through, back into the main corridors. For a moment, there was utter darkness as Robert and Fuego came through the door, as well. "Don't worry, it won't follow us. Probably."

In the dim light, Calvin walked a small way ahead, looking for any sign of the Luxray or Shinx that had left the dung. There were a few telltale paw prints in the dust, but, other than that, nothing evident. Turning back, Calvin said, in a hushed whisper, "All's clear. Come on, Robert, follow my voice if you can't see me."

Calvin stood, waiting for Robert and his Pokemon. A few sparks fizzled from the ceiling. There was a dripping sound, from somewhere. Probably a leaky faucet, or something. Ye gods, we'll have to watch out for puddles and sparks. Calvin shifted, uneasily, as the dripping abruptly stopped, to be replaced by...crunching? Leaky faucets didn't crunch, at the best of times. Pop gave a little squeak, and dove for safety in front of Calvin. He gulped, nervously. It's going to be right behind me. I just know it. I'm going to turn around and it's going to be looming, right behind me.

The ranger considered standing up to the wild Pokemon, but decided that Mr. League Champion should probably do that, that was what he was paying for, aha, and then his nerve broke and Calvin had to turn around. A draconian Pokemon stared back at him, flicking a burning tail lazily. "Oh, Fuego, it's just you, that's good. Where's-?"

The Charizard snarled, taking a menacing step forward; gravel crunched and something snapped under its mighty foot. Calvin's eyes darted behind him, to see the fire of Fuego's tail, the real Fuego. But the Charizard in front of him had to didn't find Charizards in the power plant, what else could it...?

Ditto used Transform, Calvin thought, morosely.

Trainer Stats:
Trainer Name: Robert (Xalapeno)
Location: Abandoned Power Plant
Fuego (Charizard)- M/Serious/Blaze [Currently out of Ball]
Jolty (Jolteon)- F/Jolly/Volt Absorb
Noche (Umbreon)- M/Docile/Synchronize
Items: 6x Park Balls, 3x HyperBalls, Camera
Encounters Remaining: 12
Pokemon Encountered: Zubat, Magneton, [Genderless ??? Ditto]
Pokemon Captured: None
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