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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins (NEW CHAPTER UP!)

It was strange that climbing an entire mountain seemed like an every day thing for Ash and his friends. To think that they were children and they were scaling entire mountains in a day or two. Three days had passed by the time they had made it across the mountain range, which was only three mountains and two were rather simple walks. As they climbed the mountains, the temperature fluctuated from a pleasant warm rain to a frigid air and snow. Misty was miserable, but kept quiet as she bundled up in her coat. Cameron was even too cold for the second, and most difficult mountain, to even hum and tune. Ash kept a determined face on, and was always encouraging Pikachu and Misty.

When they actually had made it across the range of mountains, they walked down wet and soggy grass fields to the city known as Sword. Sword was a warmer, but rainy, temperate city located south of the city of Shield. It was a longer trek, but Cameron pointed out that the city's gym leader was considered the weakest of all the gym leaders, and it could be a break from their most recent event. Misty agreed simply because she was tired of the snow for the moment, so the decision was made. Ash led the way with Cameron at his left and Misty at his right. Cameron traveled with one headphone in his ear, and the other dangling. He listened to his iPod for about an hour. He hummed along with several songs, until he eventually got so involved with it, he started to sing, "You're a Heartbreaker, Dream Maker, Love Taker! Don't you mess around with me! You're a Heartbreaker, Dream Maker, Love Taker! Don't you mess around, no no no!"

Misty stopped in her tracks and jumped as Cameron lashed out with lyrics. Ash stopped, with Pikachu on his head. Pikachu did not turn to see until Ash did. Cameron continued singing along with the song, air guitar included. Misty and Ash watched him prancing around. He was eventually finished, and he took out the headphones and slipped them into his pocket along with his iPod.

"You have a nice voice," remarked Misty.

"Heart Breaker? Really? Is that the song you are listening to? What happened to the normal stuff?" asked Ash.

"Oh, I dunno, I had it on shuffle and my sister is always sneaking music on my iPod."

"I am sure that is what it is," smirked Misty and turned to walk again.

"Hay, don't judge me. It is an okay song, for its genre."

"I believe you," said Ash, "Now, for our sake, at least turn on your music. I'd rather listen to that than listen to oldies."

Cameron dug around in his pocket while they walked, and dramatically yelled out as he yanked his iPod out. He flipped through songs until he found one of his favorites.

(song here: Recommended for playthrough)


Red and his group traveled for three days as well. They had already arrived in Warrior, a city north from Shield. All these cities were along the western coastline. Warrior however, was unique. Half of it was totally submerged in water in a gradual slope like a pool. And what was amazing to even Red, was that the cars drove strait into the water on a road.

"You see, the cawrs heya travel troo that tunnel over theya," said a young man with a Brooklyn accent. The tunnel was amazing, small little tubes reached out from these buildings to buildings underwater. The construction was stunning. Laura and Popuri gasped, and even Red dropped his jaw at the awesome feat.

"Better pick that jaw off the floor, Red," said Laura as she walked off, down the tunnel. The underwater part of the city was dark, and there were neon signs everywhere. Submarines, and water trails of some of them were all in the water around the large open tubes.


Both groups of kids enjoyed their comparatively short treks to their next destination, training and battling with trainers.
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