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Originally Posted by Masami View Post
PC Gaming > Console Gaming.
Don't even try and call Cod a console game since Cod4 is the second most popular PC game, according to xfire. Following only WoW.
Doesn't make it the most sold though. That would be The Sims. Followed by The Sims 2. And then World of Warcraft. Meanwhile, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the second most sold game on Xbox 360, and the third on the Playstation 3, with Call of Duty 4 also making the top twenty for PS3, and sixth for 360. Even World at War is in the Xbox 360's top ten best selling. Meanwhile, none of them have broke 1,000,000 sales for the PC yet.

Source is Wikipedia. Here's the PC list, Xbox 360 list and Playstation 3 list. They need updating, but you get the picture.

No matter if it plays better on the PC or not (depending on who you ask and their opinion on it, I personally do find the PC version more playable.), more people choose to buy it for a console, and therefore, its generally considered a console game. I'd say that's perfectly fair.

Originally Posted by Temporal Snake View Post
No matter how popular CoD is on the PC, it's still a port of a console game. CoD is and always will be a console game first.
Except it wasn't and the first game was only released for PC and Mac (And N-Gage apparently), before being updated for HD release over the Arcade and PSN Store. Either way, it started off a PC Game. It eventually turned into a console game, but it was, at first, PC.
Originally Posted by Sealboy View Post
Oh, you started Pe2k at the same age as me (12), you go to College and you're from England. In my head this all adds up to:

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