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Default Black Ops Woes

I bought Black Ops for my PC today From JB Hifi for $90, and went home to install it. I installed it and downloaded an update from Steam then started trying to play it. it plays about 3 seconds of the video when I run the game, but doesn't even make it to the menu, the screen goes black and I have to use CTRL+ALT+DEL to open Task Manager. When I do there is a console thing open I have to close both the game and the console. The Console is running but the game is not responding.
My PC is a Toshiba L500D (I think)
286GB harddrive (30.6GB free)
2GB of RAM (1.75GB Usable)
AMD Sempron SA-42 2.1GHz
Windows 7 32bit

I have read lots of websites and tried:
  • Reinstalling Black Ops
  • Updating Windows
  • Downloaded a Registry Mechanic but after it scanned it told me I had to buy the full version

If there is anyway to fix this I would be willing to do it (Nothing extreme) but one thing I want to know is whether it is my PC or the game, if it is my PC I will return it and buy Modern Warfare 2 but if it is a faulty disk i am gonna get a new copy of Black Ops.

Also can I return Black ops, If I have already Registered it with steam even if I have my receipt from when I bought Black Ops. Is there any way to unregister it from my steam account?


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