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Default Re: Is Pokemon Colosseum Worth It?

Originally Posted by -Smoo- View Post
Unless you've been playing Pokemon since an early age, and don't like change very much its worth the 7 or so they charge for it second hand. I just never finished it though, because I always deleted the RIDICULOUSLY OVERSIZED SAVE file to play SA2B or something.

Thats really the main problem with this game, it takes up an entire memory card.
That depends on the memory card. I have a Black one, a white one, and a large clear one I found on the floor when I worked at the theatre. The black one has Colosseum on it as well as a ton of other games, the white one has Colosseum on it, and the clear one does. It doesn't take up that much space on larger cards. If you play with a gray one, then yes, like every game, it will take up all the space. Gray ones are very small.

Anyways, I fully recommend this game. It's got an incredibly unique plot, a wonderful region unlike any other even to this very day (it's the only desert based one heavily influenced by technology), and the concept of just purifying Pokemon after catching them gives a whole new reason to go heavy on the battles and training.

XD Gale of Darkness is a superb sequal that I also recommend getting. It takes place years after the first one and adds new locations to an already amazing region, increasing it's brilliance. I say get both, but make sure to play Colosseum first. You don't really miss anything if you play the second one first, but it makes gameplay so much more fun to go in order.

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