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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins (NEW CHAPTER UP!)

The group of good friends got down the mountain with ease. The precipitation turned from chilly snow to warm rain. It was welcomed by Misty, who took off her small coat. Cameron, despite the warmer climate, kept his hoody on and continued humming songs. Ash was looking at the map, confused yet again in what direction they were heading in.

"Oh come on, Ash! It is not hard! All you have to do is-!" yelled Misty.

Cameron hummed different songs continuously while he leaned over, took the map and flipped it around, patted Misty on the back, and started to sing the lyrics of whatever song he was singing. It was almost heart warming, the way he carelessly hummed, with Teddiursa and Pikachu swaying with the music.

"Teddi, Teddiursa."

"Pika, Pikapi," replied Pikachu, smiling.

"Looks like we are really close to the village," exclaimed Ash with newly found confidence.

"We had better be, my feet are killing me," moaned Misty.

"How are you doing, Cameron?" asked Ash.

"You know," Cameron finally snapped, "I honestly find it funny how you all are unable to find some way to keep yourselves happy. Think of a Pokemon, think of a person, think of any conceivable way to keep yourselves content, because by golly, you do not want me to walk over there," Cameron leaned over and raised an eyebrow. His face said he was joking, but his eyes told the truth. "Try and hum and good song, you haven't heard me complain this entire time."

Misty and Ash were astonished by the sudden burst of wisdom from their goofy companion. Cameron, normally in uppity spirits and blind in happiness actually told them to be quiet. Both of them looked at each other, the anger and frustration slowly left their faces and they began to catch on to the tune Cameron was humming. They soon joined in and all was right with the world. "Where to next?"


"Really? I-I had no idea!" laughed Popuri.

Laura still smiled, "Yeah, he is one of two brothers."


"Both of them are so very different though," said Laura, still happy but the smile slowly going away.

"How so?" asked Popuri sweetly.

"Well, Cameron is outgoing and is only serious when he absolutely has to be, his brother is quite emotionally... reserved," she nodded to herself as she said the last word as if to confirm that was the right word.

"Where is your brother?"

"To be honest, I have no idea. The only thing I know is he cannot tell me what he does," she answered.

"Oh. What are you doing tagging along with Red if your brother is here?" yet another question asked by Popuri.

"Red is a nice boy who needs someone to be with him," she laughed. It was true though, if outgoing and kind people never existed, Red would have never made great friends like he did. For some odd reason, he was as almost as emotionally detached as Laura's older brother was. Silver, Green, Seth, and the other's would have never met Red, one of the most world renowned trainers now. Red was the champion of several regions, with only substitutes holding the reign for him in his place. But that is not what mattered to him, the power or glory. It almost seemed as if he was on a mission, one even larger than gaining badges.

Popuri and Laura walked around the snowy city. They met a few people, including a jolly young fat man who told them about all the 'clubs' and child friendly party areas. Laura and Popuri had little or no interest to go to such a place, but that was of no importance. However, what did catch their eye was the beautiful and intricate Christmas decorations.


"Well, are they safe?"

"Safe for right now."

"Okay, that is a good thing. They are all very important to me, and the survival of the world."

"How so? You have not explained to me how they all fit into the supposed survival of the world."

"Well, according to more recent intelligence, we know that they know, or knew, the crime leader."

"Who informed you of this bit of information?"

"Whoever it was, he sounded urgent, and then it sounded like he was dragged off. Whoever it was, we lost contact with him."

"Have you found out what happened to him?"

"Nope, and for now, just keep them safe."


Red sat around in the room contemplating something that was on his mind. He calculated, he wondered, he even dreamed of future events. Even though he taught himself about human nature, he still felt an occasional swell of surprise, which he tried unsuccessfully to contain. He though about the battle and how much fun it was. He wished his friends were there to see it, but he could not have them there, that was impossible. They were on their own journeys here.

Red got up off the couch and left the room in search of the two girls. His though process had finished for now, and he wanted to be around someone to distract him from starting to think again, his head hurt. Popuri was the one who noticed him first. He had his hands in his pockets and his eyes were squinting from the snow and cold wind, "How can you all stand it out here?" he asked for fun.

"Cuz I was born in northern Johto," giggled Laura, "And you were born in Pallet Town, or southern Kanto."

"Point proven," replied Red bluntly, but he still had a smile on his face. They walked down the stairs and Laura told him about Popuri's questions.

"If you want to know about Cameron, it is best to just meet him. I honestly only know his older brother and not much of him. When I met his older brother, Cameron was out in the Hoenn region," explained Red, "Anyway," he quickly changed the subject, "Lets find some place to eat and then we need to head to the next city, Knight I believe."

"Okay!" replied both Popuri and Laura eagerly.


The large castle the sinister Apocalypse leader sat in was only a few miles away from a large mechanize city called Edgeten. This city was on the edge of the border between Ordo and Fiorre. This city snowed a lot, but had roads and highways interconnected to all heights with immense towers. The Apocalypse syndicate's army currently resided there. Undermining police activity, but never getting caught. A young adult named Indigo worked for them. His job was to steal local vehicles, but when he was ordered to steal an ambulance headed to one of the local Pokemon Centers, he vowed that he would break free and escape to teach people about the evils this organized crime group had committed.

"Hay, Indi, go repair that car, I wanna take it for a spin," ordered the muscular but mentally incompetent officer. Indigo rolled under the car and powered it up. When the criminal leader walked over to get in, Indigo pushed him over, "No, no, no , nooooo, no. Sorry, but I fixed it, I own it. Maybe you can rap your mind around the blue prints for a car here, or maybe your dense mind cannot take it. Either way, this vehicle is mine. The leader sat their wide-eyed, and surprised that someone would as dare as to push him. Indigo raced out to inform people of their wrong doings.


Ash and company arrived in the small village to get a room there. The hotel was also quite full, but they managed to squeeze them a room. They bunked in for the night, for they would have to climb over a mountain or two the next day.
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