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Default Re: Could we manage without technology?

Nah, we're still loosely on topic, because the point is that technology has a direct relation to civilization. From this arose the notion that the absence of technology results in the absence of civilization (thus answering the question with a no). That caused us to discuss what civilization was, while, although scarcely, remaining on topic while linking technology with civilization. In short, we were just proving a point by discussing a concept that's very closely related to it.

That's what I was focusing on by saying that without technology, which can span from stone and stick tools to computers, humans can't survive - or they won't for very long.

Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations
Instead of arguing about the definition of civilization (as all of you should have learned what it meant somewhere in your education, and despite what you argue about, it has many possible variations of the same definition), maybe you should fixate on possible scenarios and what YOU would do if this event (absence of technology) actually happened (Or I will make sure this thread is locked).

But you just said that the discussion of civilization was off-topic, then proceeded to put your own spin on it, so I think you ought to be redirecting yourself. You were banned for veering off-topic and continuing some insults and now you've returned with empty threats and another account to continue the same disturbance...

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