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Post Re: Individual RP: Jokester Jesse

As Walrein began to attack Hippopotas let out a awfully loud ear piercing snore during its slumber. Walrien quickly flinched as it was about to shot out its ice beam. A wondrous light blue beam of ice began to shot out from Walreins face. Because of the flinch this had caused Walreins ice beam to slightly miss, and only hit a fragment of Hippopotas’s body.

"Wow, that's unfortunate," Anderson said. I looked at him, with a dirty look on my face. It seemed as if Anderson had said that in a sarcastic way.

After the attack Hippopotas began to stir, causing it to awaken. Hippopotas smacked its lips quite strangely as if he had just had some great Kentucky fried chicken. Hippopotas stared lazily at our direction, he hadn’t realized that my walrus like Pokémon Walrien, had just attacked attempted to attack him. Hippopotas took in a deep breath and then suddenly let out a sneeze. Sand burst from Hippopotas’s nostrils suddenly filling up the base of the mountain we were standing on.

“Bless you!” I told Hippopotas hoping it would start to like me.

Hippopotas began to walk away not worrying about me, Anderson, or my Walrein, When suddenly it realized that its leg was frozen, even enough to cause the immense heat not to melt the ice. This was our chance!

“Alright, Walrein let’s try and hit Hippopotas this time,” I explained, “Use ice beam again! Maybe we can get a bigger freeze.” I called as Walrein began to start an ice beam.
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