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Default Re: Could we manage without technology?

Originally Posted by Blood Red Lucario View Post
Would you say that to a college professor who walked into the room and backed Khaj's friend up? From what you are saying even people who are experts on the topic at hand would not be a valid source if they say what they know off the top of their head.
If all I had was Nate's word that a college professor magically walked into his room and backed his friend up, I'd call bullshit. You cannot just say something in a debate and expect people to believe you. Everything you say, unless it is a matter of logic or opinion, must be verifiable, no matter how trustworthy the guy on the forum saying it is. As we are on an internet forum, verification here typically takes the form of a link. "I know this guy who says this" is not a valid presentation of evidence in any form of debate whatsoever. And if an expert in the subject posted in this thread, I would expect to see evidence that he is an expert, not just "I am an expert because I say so".

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