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I'm going to write my first story! I'm so exicted! I will have 5 chapters, each one three paragraphs long. P.S. I'm going to write this on MO 2007. Just wanted to say that.

The Legand Begins: A Star and his Starly

I looked around, there was nothing but shadows and the remains of Pokémon. Darkrai had destroyed everything and everyone I knew. My family, my friends, and the other 400 and something Pokémon. "Why," I muttered under my breath. Now screaming, I said," Why did you do this?!". "Silence, fool!" Darkrai shouted, " I must eliminate every living being, so I may use all of the earth's souls' power to destroy it, and replace it with a new world which I will rule." and with that, he said, "Goodbye, fool."

All of the sudden, bright light shined through my view. I sat up, "It was all a dream." I said with a sigh of relief. Although it was a dream, I looked at my clock, "Oh no! It's ten o'clock! ". As I said it, I leaped out of bed and threw on a red t- shirt, and some black pants. As I came down, tooth brush in one hand, book bag in the other, I quickly brushed my teeth and hair at the same time grabbing a small box of Bulba- O's for later. I ran out the door thinking, "I hope it's not over yet!".

As I ran for Rowan's lab, I saw my friends walking right out of Sandgem town with one poke ball each. Oliver came up and said," Oh, sorry dude, Marshall, Leo, and I got the last ones.". And with that, I had a bitter look on my face, but I still went forward to tell Professor Rowan what happened. Bt my luck sure changed when movie star Rilo Wilburson came my way. He came up and said, "Why the long face kid?",I looked up and said in disappointment, "I was late to pick up a Pokémon at Professor Rowan's lab, and my friends got the last three.". "Well," he said," I have so many Pokémon, so I think you could have this one." as he said that, he gave me a Poke ball with a brown and white pattern. Then he walked away, and I said, " Well, let's see which Pokémon you are!" And as the poke ball opened in midair, a wonderful Starly flew out.

To be continued.....
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