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Default Re: Want to know what u think of this start of my fanfic

Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
I don't know why, but recently the moderators have been working to keep us all safe and unharmed from spam and the rest of the horrible things from the internetz.

Anyway, look pretty promising and can't wait for this new piece to come out!
“Mollie, get up now, you’re going to be late!” My mother exclaimed, once again trying to wake me up from what was a peaceful and relaxing sleep.

“But mum, it’s Saturday,” I replied to her, still feeling sleepy.

“No, Mollie, it’s Monday and you need to get up now or you’re going to be late for your first day in boarding school,” She debated, obviously reminding me of how carelessly I had forgotten which day of the week it was.

Still, she knew how I didn’t want to go to boarding school. I hadn’t been looking forward to this either, not sure of what even to expect once I got there. I figured if I tried resisting long enough, I might just convince her this whole thing wasn’t worth either of our time.

"But mum, you know that I don't want to go to boarding school," I told her, keeping my head firmly on the soft pillow.

“Well, you have to, there’s no other choice,” She told me, insistent on trying to get me up and going. “It is the best school to teach you to be a Pokémon master, and you can make some new friends. Now get dressed, you’re going to be late.”

I figured it was pointless to try and resist at this stage. In truth, if I had given up on this opportunity before I had even started, I was probably going to be kicking myself later on. Besides, it couldn’t have been all that bad. It wasn’t like I had been convicted and was now being sent off to jail, right?

“Okay, fine, I give in,” I told her with a sigh, throwing the bed sheets aside as I turned to get out of bed and get back on my feet. “I’ll go.”

I was still a little tired, but I figured once I got moving around, I’d probably shake that off. Happy that she had won against me yet again in the battle of the morning wake up call, she left the room, and I quickly got to changing into my new school uniform, which consisted of a white polo shirt that had the Pokémon High logo and the Pikachu mascot embroidered into it. With that, I put on the navy blue skirt with tights and the simple, shiny black shoes that accompanied the rest of the uniform. Once that was done, I looked at myself in the mirror nailed to the back of my bedroom door, and took my pink hairbrush to brush my long, golden hair down. After that, I deftly tied it into a ponytail, and then put in my bright blue hair clip. Once that was done, I looked at my reflection and smiled, honestly feeling this wouldn’t be so bad after all.

After that was taken care of, I opened the door and headed downstairs to grab breakfast while I couldn't help but what kind of experience I was in for. I walked downstairs, then grabbed a piece of toast, covered it in jam, and went and sat against the table. I was still tired and kept yawning after every few mouthfuls of toast. I think that’s why my mum was giggling so much. She wasn’t doing a very good job of keeping it to herself was she.
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