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Default Re: What would a good team be?

Originally Posted by CaRdIaC View Post
I think that team is pretty good. The Blaziken is a really good idea as it is super affective against 3 of the elite four. If you want to change anything, I would change either the Nuzleaf or the Beautifly. I had a Nuzleaf, but they don't learn any good moves and leaf stones are rare. Beautiflies are a little too frail for my taste but it's not too bad. I think it's a good team though but maybe you should get an electric type.
Adding on to what Cardiac said, A strong electric pokemon in R/S/E is (in my opinion,) Pikachu, (obtained in Safari Zone.) I like it because, even though very rarely gotten, if it holds a light ball item, it can learn the very powerful move of volt tackle. It's just very well rounded too. If you want to find it, you can greatly increase your chances by taking a pokemon in your party for instance Magnemite, that has the ability of lightning rod, with you.

Manecetric and Ampharos could be very good also.