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Default Re: How to Convince Dad?

Originally Posted by Ender the Xenocide View Post
Tell him the computers will explode if it doesn't happen.

Tell him he will explode if it doesn't happen.

Tell him 2012 will happen now if it doesn't happen.

Save up your cash and by it yourself.

It is your decision out of my ever so logical and narrowed-down suggestions.
Lol...XD ▲

Just be nice to him...The number one thing is to be calm, and explain the situation to him. Maybe you could say something like, "See dad, it's happening to both of us..." Then give him all the reasons. Maybe if you slowly and sincerely give your statement of why you should get it, and explain to him all the things he doesn't understand about it, he might let you change it.

You could also maybe ask him to let you change it for a Christmas present or something....It is the giving season anyways.

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