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Default Re: Could we manage without technology?

Originally Posted by Exon Auxus View Post
Oh brother.


Re-read that definition paying close attention to the first word. Primarily. Not always. That's the core of my argument, and it's as if you're looking right through it to argue something else. You must look beyond our contemporary definitions and realize that this has not always been the commonly accepted definition of civilization. This was not it's definition a millenium ago, and last I checked, there was civilization a millenium years ago.

And right, I never said civilization meant wholesome either. I used that term as an extension of the message I conveyed with my allusion to the Native Americans. It relates to their lifestyle as a whole, regardless of whether or not they're civilized. Once more you've scoped in on some minute detail that I provided in an example, and doesn't chiefly act as the basis of my argument. Discussing this is getting you nowhere.

...And you aren't just gonna go believe everything you see on wikipedia are you...?
So far, son, the only animal on this planet that has exhibited any technological advancement is the human. And since there is no real classification for a technologically advanced being, it is logical to call humans the only species that can develop technology (known to humans). Yet again, you fail to see what I am getting at.

And the definition of Husband has changed several times too, does that make the modern definition of the word false? No it does not. And do you think this is all a game? So far, the only person really getting himself worked up about it, and the only person who has lost their cool is you. You are a cynical person who has a sarcastic comment about anything that another person says. Go home, draw a nice warm bath, and just lay there. Don't think, just lay there. I defend Lus because I both respect and, in some aspects, agree with him.
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