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Default Re: Could we manage without technology?

Originally Posted by Exon Auxus View Post
But by that you almost seem to classify organisms into two categories: humans, and everything else. Which, to an extent, is arguable by saying that dogs or apes don't like civilized or cultured lives. But by that same notion, how can you concretely define civilized? You can't, because its a relative term defined only by the conceptions and viewpoints of various factions. What I'm getting at is that yes, dogs, apes, and whatever other animal you want to name do have their own "civilizations" and cultures, but they don't live by what we as a society label as civilized - which is fine.
Well, typically, "civilization" is an urbanized society, as opposed to a rural or tribal one. Meaning animals do not have civilization. However, neither did humans for much of history, so civilization is not something to base humanity off of.

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