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Default Re: Could we manage without technology?

Originally Posted by Ender the Xenocide View Post
Scientifically, we are classified as animals only because we share the same physical traits. We are very different. When you see a dog or even an ape form its own culture and civilization, you let me know.

And technology is PART of human nature. Without it, we are not humans. The will to improve and adapt is already preprogrammed in us.
There is no "scientifically". Humans are animals. You are using the term "animal" to describe a brute, an organism without a well-developed brain or the skills to create the kind of civilization that we as a people have today. That's wrong, because humans exist as a species, live and die just as others. By that, and many other criteria, we are animals and that just cannot be argued.

And even beyond that what you're saying is still invalid. Humans don't share the same physical characteristics as other animals, because not all animals have hearts, brains, and lungs. And last I checked, humans don't have flagella or tough outer shells. Humans are very different from other animals, true. But by that you almost seem to classify organisms into two categories: humans, and everything else. Which, to an extent, is arguable by saying that dogs or apes don't like civilized or cultured lives. But by that same notion, how can you concretely define civilized? You can't, because its a relative term defined only by the conceptions and viewpoints of various factions. What I'm getting at is that yes, dogs, apes, and whatever other animal you want to name do have their own "civilizations" and cultures, but they don't live by what we as a society label as civilized - which is fine.

I can't believe I'm debating the logic that rests in the fact that humans are animals. This is a simple fact that can be found in the opening chapters of even the most remedial Biology textbooks...

Originally Posted by Ender the Xenocide
And technology is PART of human nature. Without it, we are not humans. The will to improve and adapt is already preprogrammed in us.
This is the most foolish and ignorant thing I've ever heard. Let me ask you - if someone ripped their clothes off, left all their material possessions behind, and went to live in the wilderness eating berries and small animals, then they wouldn't be a human anymore? Would not their genetic makeup still match ours? Sure we'd call them a lunatic, but they will always remain a human until they, hypothetically, stumble into some strange breeding arrangement that changes their genetic makeup enough to classify them as a different species.

Yes, I think technology is a significant and influential aspect of human culture. However I fail to understand that it can be defined as such a keystone factor that, when removed, humanity suddenly becomes labeled as a new creature. Bring your theory to any knowledgeable college professor and it will likely be stigmatized as completely absurd and wholly wrong, with not a page of credible scientific or logical backing to support it.

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