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Default Re: Could we manage without technology?

Originally Posted by Lusankya View Post
There are plenty of isolated tribes in South America, Africa, and the Pacific where people still hunt and gather in the same way they have thousands of years ago. Those guys would be perfectly fine of course.

@Ender: I have no doubt humanity as a whole would survive, but a lot of people would die nonetheless.
But you completely missed the message of his other post. Even crafting tools, shelters, and hunting weapons count as advancements in technology, and, because we would need these provisions even at our most primitive state, then that means we are dependent on technology. Essentially, to live a life without technology, we could not use any wooden spear, carved weapons, or anything that exists at a higher tech level than what has already naturally occurred. So even those tribes you just mentioned must use some form of technology to survive.

And even then, their life expectancy could, and more than likely has, become greatly diminished because they have lacked the wherewithal to grow (or at least grow faster) in critical fields like medicine. So I wouldn't call that "perfectly fine".
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