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Default Re: Could we manage without technology?

Well, technology is so sophisticated now, that it is nearly impossible for one mind to be able to comprehend all of it. If all technology ceased to work, whether it be a massive EMP blast or simply a horrible natural event, all the minds that designed one thing would have to come together to rebuild whatever it is that was lost. Humans would last without technology, but I would not expect to see our race grow or even stay stable if we did not strive to meet new technological standards.

Let's face it, what do humans all live for? We all live to improve upon something. We all work to design, improvise, and adapt. Ever since the creation of man (through whatever theory you believe), humans have done nothing but improve upon. Don't get me wrong, most humans are stupid no matter what political view or how fancy the word is. Most humans are completely dull, and if it weren't for some random stroke of luck that a pair of genes connected, we would definitely not be around for millions of years. It would be nearly impossible for humans to exist without re-inventing something if it were entirely lost.

I went over this argument four years ago in my freshman year. My PhysApps teacher brought the same exact question up. And one of the more brilliant students brought the notion up of the Bubonic plague and how it would ravage humanity once more. I would like to say to whoever thinks the same thing that that is biologically impossible. Humanity could not possibly be wiped out from the Bubonic plague. As a matter of fact, when it was still widely spread around the world, humans slowly developed their own biological immunity. So, Bubonic plague can be checked off this list.

Overall, it would be impossible for technology to NOT exist within humanity. No matter how much you take away, humans will somehow adapt.

Now, if you think about it, there are two ways to view the human race.
The pessimistic "Humans are a fragile bunch of buffoons" or the more true view, "Humans are essentially an adaptable virus."

It all depends how you look on humanity as a whole.

NOTE: I do not think humanity needs a population cut, I just think we need to stop killing ourselves and expand to another planet damnit.

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