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Default Re: Individual RP: Xalapeno

"That's a mighty fine Charizard you got there. What's his name?"
__________________________________________________ ______

"My Charizard thanks you for the compliment, but I must admit that he is not one of my more frequently used Pokémon. This is what probably attributes to his serious nature.... I brought him along so that we could bond more. I've actually meant to use him more often but haven't found the chance to do so... Oh and his name is Fuego" I replied as I followed the ranger through the entry corridor.

As I looked around, I remembered what the ranger said about keeping quiet. The place was in bad shape and startling the inhabitants now did not seem as good of an idea as it did prior to entering the edifice. I also kept in mind the part about how the place could collapse in on us and the mere thought of it made a slight shiver go down my spine. I followed the ranger’s example and proceeded with caution.

"Oh." I suddenly said as I remembered something. I pulled out my camera and adjusted it around my neck. I knew that having it out of the bag would allow me to catch a snap of a rare Pokémon faster than if it were within the bag.

I heard Calvin mention something about a Zubat and I asked, "What Zubat? I didn't hear anything."

I looked around and saw that Charizard’s gaze had seen it by following where Drifloon went. I saw the flying mammal but it did not interest me much. Back at home my Crobat was waiting for me and the last thing she’d want would be for me to arrive with another of the same species.

"I think we should keep going and look for other creatures," I suggested in a low voice. "I'll let this little guy go for now."

"My goal here is to catch a Rotom above everything else," I said.

"However, I also wouldn't mind running into a couple others," I added.

The way Zubat had been in such close quarters without my knowledge reminded me that I was on their turf. I'd have to be wary for the other sneaky Pokémon we would encounter.

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