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Originally Posted by Temporal Snake View Post
Oh my, someone needs to educate themselves. I suggest you start reading books on philosophy and political ideology and learning what Communism actually is. First of all, attacking someone's political view is like attacking their religion, and I can draw many parallels between my political views and my spiritual ones, so I suggest you don't tread on thin ice. Second of all, Capitalism doesn't work, period. It's destroying the planet, the economy it makes is clearly failing pathetically, and the part people are starting to see are right-wing fascists like the Tea Party emerging.

I have no problem with working for a living, what do you assume I am? Some lazy stoner? No, my family is a hard-working Slavic family. Three of my grandparents are from the Soviet Union. Oddly enough, I've never heard them complain about Communism. Even my grandmother who is ultra-Christian, never said anything bad about Communism like the right-wing Christians in America do.

And I think you need to understand the premises of Communism before you make silly comments. Money wouldn't matter in a true Communist society. It's like a job, and your benefits are everything. It's a world community, everyone works for everyone. It's tough to understand when you've only been exposed to Capitalism (which derives from Feudalism, whereas Communism is a concept that's existed forever). But it's fine, because the good part of humanity will always triumph over the evil part (greed). Society changes, and inevitably will become Communist some day as human knowledge expands (especially as we learn of oneness in existence). The universe tends to balance things out, and I think it's rather selfish of humans to think of themselves as the most important thing in existence.

Oh yeah, Communism isn't a type of government either.

Anyways, this has nothing to do with WikiLeaks, so make a thread about the evil of Communism if you feel the need to reply (which I suggest you don't until you are at peace with the universe and stop caring about your silly material possessions).
I am not going to continue with the argument because:
A) You fail to see the points that I am making.
B) You think you are above money.
C) You obviously DON'T know anyone who had to deal with anything of this pesky matter.
D) You are so blind to see you started this conversation.
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