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Default Re: Individual RP: Xalapeno


"I have the badges of all four regions for a reason...and fear wasn't it."

Calvin tripped and stumbled when the great dragon-like Pokemon followed the rather cavalier statement. Badges from all four first charge is a bloody league champion? Coughing in a gruff sort of manner and brushing off his clothing, Calvin hopped back onto his feet, his Drifloon floating around his head, staring at awe at the immense fire Pokemon. "Yes, well, ahem, trusty Pokemon, that's all very well said and done. Come along, then."

"That's a mighty fine Charizard you got there. What's his name? He must have helped you a lot in getting those badges, eh?" said Calvin, making small talk as they delved deeper into the power plant. "I've never been much in the battling circuit; Pop here just kind of mooches around, doesn't he?"

Warily, the ranger stopped and looked around, before taking further steps forward, talking more quietly as he went. "Sorry, mate, have I told you my name yet? Ranger Likely, at your service, but you can call me Calvin." This Robert certainly had made a lot of noise, and the light would shine like a beacon in the deserted power plant. Picking his way over a fallen roof support, Calvin leaped lightly over the wooden beam and extended a hand to help Robert across. "You want to be careful with the big Pokemon, in here," he said, "You've got to remember, this place hasn't been repaired or renovated for ages and it's near falling apart already, so try to be careful. If any encounters here get too, er, violent, the entire place might just as well fall down on top of us, and that wouldn't be any fun, would it?"

Something fluttered overhead; Calvin looked up, to see a Pokemon, up in the rafters, flying into the shadows. The ranger's Drifloon flew closer to investigate, which caused the Pokemon to flutter out once more, allowing Calvin a clear view of it. "Your Charizard must have spooked that there Zubat. You want to catch it? I suppose it is a bit of a meager capture for someone like you, but it's worth a shot, in't it?"

"S'posing you don't want it," said Calvin, as Pop returned to his customary position around his head, "What kind of Pokemon are you looking for, here?"

Trainer Stats:
Trainer Name: Robert (Xalapeno)
Location: Abandoned Power Plant
Fuego (Charizard)- M/Serious/Blaze [Currently out of Ball]
Jolty (Jolteon)- F/Jolly/Volt Absorb
Noche (Umbreon)- M/Docile/Synchronize
Items: 6x Park Balls, 3x HyperBalls, Camera
Encounters Remaining: 14
Pokemon Encountered: [??? ??? Zubat]
Pokemon Captured: None
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