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Default Re: Signature & Avatar Showcase

Originally Posted by Linchy View Post
Only other thing bothering me is the text. Where'd that reddish bit come from?
Originally Posted by Anastasia-R View Post

I say, your stock images was a really low quality. Well, it looks like it to me. The eye would be clearer, and not so pixely. It if was a higher quality of a stock, I think you'd get much more better results.

I agree with Linchy's concern of the text. The red just popped out of nowhere.
Originally Posted by Dragoness View Post
I do think the border matches w/the pic and the text ain't half bad, though I'm not sure if red was the way to go.

I wonder what the orig. stock looked like.
Well.. I've got some explaining to do.

1. It's not really a banner. It's a Photo-edit, which still counts as Graphic Arts, even though this is the Banner and Avatar showcase, I don't see a "Photo-Edit and Wallpaper/Misc Graphic Arts Showcase". So I assumed it safe to post here. With that said, while I applaud your efforts for criticizing it as a banner, it really wasn't a banner at all.

2. The Stock was taken with a 10.1 MP Digital Camera. I took it myself, that is my eye.

3. The red in the text stands out on purpose. The red in the text was caused by a layer effect after a Violet/Orange Gradient. It was meant to fit the Graffiti style of the font. Also the Dark and Evil vibe I was trying to give off, The red reminded me of Blood. It looked cool, so I kept it.

4. I only sharpened the areas with hair. I blurred the Pupil, and the cornea (which I'm not 100% but I believe is the white area of the eye) is super white because it was actually really yellow after all the effects I threw into it. It looked like I had Glaucoma, so I made it white.

5. I am a white man, and I do shower, it's simply a very strange use of the burn tool.

6. I really wish I had kept the original stock to show you guys, but I destroyed it because it had the rest of my face in it.

Originally Posted by Kayla Ann View Post
I feel like, maybe if you toned down the brightness, and focused more on depth/flow, it would look really cool :3


meh, i'm rusty.
Don't speak of overbrightness. When I saw this, I saw a layer of white over what would otherwise be a rather good banner. If that white screen wasn't there, I'd love that banner. Especially your choice of words for a .Hack banner.
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