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Default Creepers.... [Minecraft]

You can never figure 'em out! Just when ya' think it's safe, you turn around and SSSSSSSSSSSSSS BOOM!

In case your wondering, I'm talking about Minecraft. This gem of a game is one of the most beautiful and ridiculous game I've ever played. If you haven't tried it yet, your missing out. If you have played, this is your place to talk about it. This isn't a fanclub either, just a place to chat about the game, particularly Alpha and the soon-to-be released beta.

Anyways, the above rant comes from a little incident I had. See, I had decided that to keep things fresh I would generate another world and start from scratch. After a bit of exploring in the taiga, I found a few plains where I decided to set up a shelter for the night. I found a small and convenient cavern which I lit with some torches I had made earlier, and I proceeded to build a roof.

Soon it was nighttime, and I decided I would stay inside. After exploring another small cavern I had found while making the place a little neater with some wooden steps up to the wooden door entrance, I hear a couple of spiders sitting above me, even though I had lit the roof. I decided to wait until morning when they were passive so I could kill them one at a time. I do so, and there is a spider already there at my doorway, which is in a small ditch that leads to a staircase to the surface. I kill it, only to have a creeper drop from above.

In seconds, I am dead. RAEGQUIT.

So, anyone else have some good Creeper stories?
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