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Default The Pikachu Theory [SU]

The Pikachu Theory.

A year ago, the ghost of the Kaii family's grandfather sought revenge on the world for its cruelty and hatred. So he plotted and kidnapped Professor Oak, and found an abandoned mansion. The ghost possessed Professor Oak and used his architectural knowledge and the ghost's own knowledge to build a vault. The ghost un-possessed Professor Oak, and made a copy of Oak's body. Then the ghost possessed his copy and threw Oak into the vault. The ghost also learned Oak was in possession of a very rare gene... the Pikachu Gene, stolen from Ash's Pikachu when Ash was murdered by Giovanni. The ghost replicated this gene 99 times and lured 100 people, one by one, and injected Pikachu genes into their body, giving them amazing physical strength. They could knock out a normal citizen without trying...

The ghost was happy with the results. He kidnapped Professor Birch, replicated his body, locked up the real Birch and had another body. Using his form as Professor Birch, he controlled all of the Pikachus, as he called the humans with a Pikachu gene. 30 people were able to resist the control of Professor Birch, and they formed the rebellion. They spent a while building their headquarters, which is now a place of amazing technological achievements. Since then, many things have happened. Two of the rebel commanders, Alexis and Cloud, managed to find and save the real professors, who are now back to work researching Pokémon. The rebels raided the headquarters of the regular 'Pikachus' a few times, before finding out WHY they were deceived and who by. They had quite a few adventures with a solid illusion who faded away recently, and the boy Flood Kaii.

Then Alexis found that Cloud was dead and walking among the living - not a ghost, but one of the Seraph assigned to Earth to help resolve conflicts, and Alexis was also made a Seraph despite her not-being-dead status... will you be able to join their ranks?

The World
It's the Pokémon World, but the only important places that are important are the underground tunnels (that have been made very habitable by the rebels) that leads forwards and backwards from the Pikachu HQ and the Rebel HQ. The tunnel end at the Pikachu HQ is heavily guarded by Pokémon and humans alike.

Sign-Up Form
Side (Rebel or Pikachu):
Personality (keywords are okay... things get hectic in the roleplay.):
Weapon of choice:
Seraph? (Yes or No...):


Cloud [DM]
Flood [DM]

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