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Default Individual RP: Xalapeno

Ranger Calvin Likely- NBP1

Calvin Likely was not happy. It wasn't that he was particularly sad, or even angry, there was simply an aura of not happiness exuding from every pore in his body. This was due, in part, to the fact that he half expected a giant, evil, robot hand to reach out, grab him, and toss him out a window when he reached his destination, despite the fact that he was on solid earth, a good twenty feet away from the old Abandoned Power Plant. Why there was a power plant or why it had been abandoned was anyone's guess, but Calvin didn't really feel like finding out.

Pop, his Drifloon, floated beside him, giving the Power Plant the same, uneasy look.

At that point, his charge arrived; this Robert character arrived on the scene. Calvin consulted his papers to make sure this was the right person. "He's of thin build, has short, spiky black hair..." Calvin muttered under his breath, and then looked up. "Nice to meet you, Robert. How're you doing today? Good? Great. If you'll just follow me, we'll get this done quick and easy."

The ranger handed some papers and a pen to Robert. "Just sign these real quick, there's a good chap. Liability forms and whatnot, so if you die we're not responsible, eh?" Calvin turned back to the power plant, shielding his eyes from the glaring sun. "Done? Righty-ho. If you'll just follow me..."

"Try not to make too much noise. That sort of stuff tends to attract, er, dangerous predators." said Calvin, as they edged past the rusted steel doors, to enter the dimly lit Power Plant. Occasionally, a flurry of sparks would discharge themselves from the broken wires and briefly illuminate the abandoned building, casting grotesquely long shadows. The interior of the building was massive, and Calvin paused to take in its enormity. "Yup. Definitely wouldn't want to go around attracting dangerous predators."

Calvin turned around, walking backwards into the darkness and beckoning for his employer to follow. "That is, unless you think you can handle 'em."

Trainer Stats:
Trainer Name: Robert (Xalapeno)
Location: Abandoned Power Plant
Fuego (Charizard)- M/Serious/Blaze
Jolty (Jolteon)- F/Jolly/Volt Absorb
Noche (Umbreon)- M/Docile/Synchronize
Items: 6x Park Balls, 3x HyperBalls, Camera
Encounters Remaining: 15
Pokemon Encountered: None
Pokemon Captured: None
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