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Default Re: ~Nothing Lasts Forever~ A Pokemon Roleplay ~Not Even Legends~ (Roleplay)

In an all-you-can-eat buffet
PLAID agent
Gear-Pesse? DEAD?!

Avalon yelped his answer to her. "Your superior, a High-Ranking PLAID agent, that's who I think I am. Oh, I think he is the Delegate from Team Galactic, Who is here, negotiating CEASEFIRE terms to focus on Team Rocket, who, may I remind you, is a WORLDWIDE threat. Let him go, or YOU are on the list of CRIMINALS I have to take care of TODAY."

He had his wallet ready, and grabbed two slices of pizza, three clementimes, a big helping of french fries, eight philly rolls (sushi), and a double-size snack wrap containing an angus patty, melted cheese, mushrooms, and a lot of mayo. He was just about to get some wasabi, soy sauce, and his soda of choice when a polite tap on his shoulder made him do a 180.

Oh crud. Storm, Gear-Pesse's overly serious messanger, was right behind him, holding up what appeared to be...Gear's will.

"Is he dead?" Avalon asked, rather sarcasticly, knowing that it was a simple issue with the will. Nothing could actually kill him, he was too aware of his surroundings.

"Yes. Sniped in the back with a military-class rifle...the sniper was about a mile away." Storm replied.

Avalon did a double-take. "Repeat that. THE HUMAN LUCARIO WAS KILLED?!" Avalon yelled. Gear got his nickname, The Human Lucario, when it became almost too apparent that Gear-Pesse could sensory his whole surrondings, 360.

"Yes. His will left you with one thing-His Raichu, Gyro. I'll take my leave." Storm used his other hand to put the Raichu to Avalon's height, putting him on the buffet line and walked off.

"Repeat that. The Human Lucario was killed?" Avalon repeated. Gyro was basically Gear-Pesse, except Gyro was only 2/5ths of Gear's height, and a few other details. Avalon was hoping one of those details was his attitude towards him-Gear loathed Avalon.
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