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Default Re: ~Nothing Lasts Forever~ A Pokemon Roleplay ~Not Even Legends~ (Roleplay)

Unwilling to let her catch get away
Viridian Police Officer
And who are you???

Tabitha followed Avalon in, dragging Jered by his ear. She was totally unafraid of him, and he let himself be dragged with a resigned expression. "AND WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" she hollered to Avalon, red-faced. "No, sir, I am arresting this criminal! He's a member of Team Galactic, and has been caught poaching rare Kanto Pokemon and smuggling them illegally out of the Region! He's also stolen valuable art and jewels from a prestigious museum. He stole a yacht; he took a joyride in a limo THROUGH FUSCIA! I am bringing him in!" Tabitha had worked herself into a fit of righteous wrath.
"Tabs," muttered Jered, "please, not now. I'm trying to save the world from the Rockets. You know - the bad people."

Sudden stop
Why, why, why, guys.

Chrissie blinked.
She barely heard Sizyj's voice tell her that Jered had been 'apprehended', and barely comprehended his dive or his stop.
She formed a mental link with Natalie.
Yes, I knew them, while they lived. She was determined to answer the questions in order. Drakisolis is a big gold dragon, and Drakilunas is a slightly smaller silver dragon. Drakisolis is an enormous black dragon. They look kind of serpentine and are distinguished by their horns. As for the sudden rambling, I was just... explaining, unless you're talking about you. And I'm bonded with... Lugia... Once again pictures of Lucent tortured her conscience.
Lucent, I'm sorry... I'll avenge you. There can be no mercy for Lyz this time.
I laughed, I cried, I testified;
And in the end found this world altogether lacking.

Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D
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