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Default Re: ~Nothing Lasts Forever~ A Pokemon Roleplay ~Not Even Legends~ (Roleplay)

Viridian City
PLAID agent

Avalon caught that she wasn't getting good memories.

Avalon also caught an officer harrassing Jared.

"Mam, he's with me. No worries-If he does anything rash, he isn't going to be reporting it-if you get what I mean." Avalon said. He landed, next to a very-conveniantly placed all-you-can-eat. Rockets were begging to be arrested-or dead-if they tried anything in there.

He walked in, no hesitation.

Skymin Natalie
Getting chatty

Had Natalie not taken in Gracedia Pollen, she might have been a lot more private. However, the instant Chrissie started to talk about the 'Drakis,' she got really curious.

"I've never heard of them before. Eos isn't that seclusive, you know-Do you know them? What do they look like? What's with the sudden rambling? Who are you Bonded with? I wasn't looking at you when the fight broke out." Natalie all said in a breath. She was like that with Gracedia in her system.

She flew over Viridian, the head of the pack, when the guy from PLAID entered a store, and a guy below was getting told off by a police officer. She didn't dare land-She had enough common sense NOT to fly in on no Pokemon whatsoever, so she decided to continue on ahead.
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