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Default Re: General Spriter's Showcase - [Update-8/4/10]

Originally Posted by Disco View Post

So uh. For SotW:

It's obviously WIP, since it's still got Lapras's colours LOL.
But uh. D8 It was sooo hard.
I scratched a lot. >:

; m ; sept for the feet. They were Bastiodon feet. It's supposed to be a rock-type lol. I think I did it wrong.


B-But it's like. Reposing legend.

I don't really like the Sonic series, apart from Sonic Advance 2: Battle, so I'll try my best.
Is it 16 colours with transparency or without?
In terms of likeness, it's quite spot on. ; u ;

One thing that bothers me is the feet.
Is it going to stay flat like that? Are you able to lengthen the dimensions?
Also, up top on the hair, on the right side. The red and black strands divide a bit... squarely. xD See if you can rounden out that outline.

Aaaaand that's it because honestly you're just so good. ; m ;



I had this old repose of D/P/P's Roark into RIVAL ??? lol.
It looked pretty horrible.

So I redid it using the HGSS rival as reference.

How do you think I did this time?
We both are! xD Hahaha, lovely pun.

Wow. That's a ripper sprite. xDDD You so beat me. xD It's really nice. 0w0 I love the style... The shading is excellent, detailed, and the outlines are really smooth and it looks really graceful. Haha, I think once it gets new colours and maybe a harsher eye, it'll be perfect. ^^

Yeah. :c People like to post more than comment. I FREAKING LOVE THAT GAME. But thanks! 8D I'm glad you like it. No transparency in that sprite there. Well, in the sprite I put in the game, the transparent colour is lime green, but that's required and yes, haha, that is included in the 16 colours.

This wasn't the picture I was using as a reference, but see how, in this SA2B artwork, his head streak turns to point in like an arrow? I was trying to do it like that, but it's pretty hard with a sprite. Dx So I kinda wanted to keep it like that.
And what do you mean with the shoes? o: I can't lengthen the dimensions of the sprite at all, because it's already 64x64 pixels. xD And I have to keep the one facing us flat because that's just how his shoe goes from that angle. o:

xDDD Thanks. What about the scyther? Too cramped? Too un-ice-like? :c

I love your new rival sprite. xDD I think you know it's a huge improvement from the previous version. The hair's really good, face looks awesome, and you shaded and shaped the clothes well too. ^^ Nice job on it. :P

Originally Posted by BlueJello View Post
STAFF BUDDIES. :D Congratulations!

Now, I tried to shade my Ditto again. The shading you did for it was really good. :] But I did opt to not change the Ditto as drastic as you did, so it looks more like the official sprite. Also, the suit is meant to be metal, and I think the shading look a little more flesh-like on yours.

But what do I know? x3

Does this work?

I think I've figured out the general rule. Four shades; highlight, base colour, dark, darker, then darker for some outlines. And then just shade in collaboration with the sprite's shape? Something like that?

Regardless, you've helped me improve my shading skills quite a lot. Thanks. ^_^
Yay! 8D A belated congrats to you too. xD

Yes, that looks awesome! >:D I understand about the ditto. ^^ I tend not to shade like any of the DS sprites because frankly I hate how they're done nowadays... However, I didn't know it was metal! xDD In that case, a brighter light shade would work, since sunlight reflects sharply off metal. ^^ I thought it must have been a blow up suit or something. xD Which doesn't make sense as to why I didn't make it shiny, and why the ditto has controls at his hands... xDD I'm full of anti-logic! 8D

Yeah, I usually have four shades (five including an outline shade). :D Yay! 8D Yeah, you got it right. ^^ And don't be afraid to shade into the sprite. ^^ It was hard with that one since most of it was round, but yeah. ^^

Glad to help out. :D No worries at all. x)

Originally Posted by mailtoad View Post
Heya. These are my first few pixel overs -

Please let me know what you think... :)
Truthfully they lack a lot of dimension, shades, and shape. A lot of the outlines are shaky and not rounded or shaped properly, notably the mew's tail. I don't know why that suicune has white spots on its paws... But it needs far more shades, and the shading needs a lot of improvement. Shading a suicune's mane is hard, but you should look at some pictures and other sprites (try looking at the R/S/E suicune sprite), and same with the mew. The mew's eyes look a bit wacky since you drew the pupil and iris in random places, and the eyes are differently shaped. For first ones they're good though, but very basic and need a lot of improvement. =)

Originally Posted by shadowinfernape View Post
Anyways Here is a fusion I made of Washibon,Shinpora and Electrode.

It really looks like an electrode with a furry brow and random things sticking out of it. Try and incorporate things into it better, and change the body shape, eyes, mouths, and be creative. Don't let the base pokemon take over, like too many people do. =)


EDIT: (xDDD This wasn't here when I began writing up my response.)

Originally Posted by Male Snorunt View Post
@Graceful Suicune: Thanks for the compliments! X3 By the way, that Shadow the hedgehog sprite is so freaking awesome. I love how you did the shading, and I can't find anything bad about it. And I love the Scyther too (Especially dat beak! X3), but noticed only two small things that I can crit about: 1.) It is a bit crowded. 2.) Now, this is just my personal style, I'm not sure if most people look at sprites like this, but I think that all the things on a retype should actually resemble that type in a very clear manner. Glaceon's headthing could be recolored and go on any pokemon and it wouldn't look like it was part ice type. I would have tried to add something a bit more icy-looking.

Now for my stuff:

A request from TK. King Mewtwo recolored as shiny Magmortar. I like how this turned out.

A request from someone on dA. I really like this one.

Now, I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but I think I've been sort of improving lately. I've posted a lot of my sprites here, and I'd like to know wether you guys think I've been improving too.
No worries, mate. :P Aww, why thank you. ^v^ Haha, thanks. I have such a FRLG/R/S/E way of shading. xDD Thanks! Glad you like that too! Yeah, that beak was actually just me reshaping the head and then adding orangey-yellow for a beak effect. xDD Yeah, I thought it was crowded too, and kind of regretted adding the glaceon head thing. The thing is though, I sprite with R/S/E/LG/FR sprites, which means the sprite is much smaller than the sprites of today. This doesn't help, and definitely makes a difference. And I see what you mean, but honestly I find ice retypes hard (don't ask me why I did it then xDD) and since a lot of ice types don't actually have ice on them, I figured articuno colouring and having both blue and white would work. The reason I didn't want to add actual ice was because I wanted it to be more like a bird, being part flying type, and they have feathers, and I think having ice would weigh them down, and I dunno...I just wanted the colours. I mean, it doesn't have to have ice on it to be an ice type. o: *points to articuno and glaceon* I agree about the glaceon head thing, but honestly I like it because it looks cool. xDD And it was something I could colour both blue and white. Thanks for the crit, though! :D

I don't know what King Mewtwo is, so I'll just say that you should have included more colours than just one on the body. But the ears...why do they have white, and why are the outlines such a light colour? o.o

Well...what is it? o: I think it's good, but the purple body's shading needs to be more noticeable. It fades and the dark shade, which is not dark, becomes the outline down the bottom, which...probably shouldn't happen. There are missing pixels in the right haunter hand and that fire needs some kind of outlines, or it should at least be a burning purple with vibrant colours. o: The shading is pretty lacking on the body, which doesn't suit the headpiece or the hands.

And it's not boasting to think you're improving. ^^ It's good that you are, and expected as well. xD
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