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Default Re: General Spriter's Showcase - [Update-8/4/10]

@Graceful Suicune: Thanks for the compliments! X3 By the way, that Shadow the hedgehog sprite is so freaking awesome. I love how you did the shading, and I can't find anything bad about it. And I love the Scyther too (Especially dat beak! X3), but noticed only two small things that I can crit about: 1.) It is a bit crowded. 2.) Now, this is just my personal style, I'm not sure if most people look at sprites like this, but I think that all the things on a retype should actually resemble that type in a very clear manner. Glaceon's headthing could be recolored and go on any pokemon and it wouldn't look like it was part ice type. I would have tried to add something a bit more icy-looking.

@Disco: That's amazing... I can tell you're going to pwn us all again. And when I was looking at that Silver sprite (the lower one) before actually reading your post, I thought it was the official sprite. o.o

@Shadowinfernape: I like how you deviated from the obvious by using that collar feather thing on the face. But the wings don't really look like they're a true part of it, and the collar face thing should probably have some shading on it. Other than that, it's good!

Now for my stuff:

A request from TK. King Mewtwo recolored as shiny Magmortar. I like how this turned out.

A request from someone on dA. I really like this one.

Now, I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but I think I've been sort of improving lately. I've posted a lot of my sprites here, and I'd like to know wether you guys think I've been improving too.
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