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Default Re: ~Nothing Lasts Forever~ A Pokemon Roleplay ~Not Even Legends~ (Roleplay)

Getting curious while entering PLAID territory
PLAID agent
And Hoorah.

Giovanni, in his days, based himself in Viridian city. No longer was that the case-PLAID instantly appointed Blue, someone trustworthy and reliable, to the role of Viridian Gym Leader. In since PLAID carefully monitors the Gym Leaders, as long as they hanged around the Gym, PLAID guarenteed their safety. Avalon was starting to get hungry, so he hoped that Blue was charitable enough to let them have some food.

He heard Chrissie's thought. <"Chrissie, what are you thinking about? I've never heard of Drakisolis or Drakilunas before."> Avalon telepathically asked. He wanted some answers, he was only in Eos for a ridicuoulsly short time. Not enough to learn all of it's mythology, unlike his visit to Sinjoh.

He saw the City up ahead, and smiled. The chance of an attack here was as low as it got-unlike the days of Giovanni, where Pokemon dissapeared into thin air by the hundreds bi-daily. Shame the same couldn't be said for Saffron.
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