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Default Re: General Spriter's Showcase - [Update-8/4/10]

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post


Okay, sounds good. Here it is.

Just take note of how I reshaded the ditto especially. Also, the way I rounded it accordingly, and how I shaded the man-boobs. xD

Aw, thanks. x) I'm glad you like them! :D

STAFF BUDDIES. :D Congratulations!

Now, I tried to shade my Ditto again. The shading you did for it was really good. :] But I did opt to not change the Ditto as drastic as you did, so it looks more like the official sprite. Also, the suit is meant to be metal, and I think the shading look a little more flesh-like on yours.

But what do I know? x3

Does this work?

I think I've figured out the general rule. Four shades; highlight, base colour, dark, darker, then darker for some outlines. And then just shade in collaboration with the sprite's shape? Something like that?

Regardless, you've helped me improve my shading skills quite a lot. Thanks. ^_^
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