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Default Re: General Spriter's Showcase - [Update-8/4/10]

Originally Posted by BlueJello View Post
It was originally intended to be a fusion, but then there was a lack of 'viable' parts, so I recoloured it like Natu's wing.

Thanks! I'll fix that up right away. :]

Before today I didn't know how to really shade; I only had a vague idea. However, I looked at the shading of other Pokemon and (hopefully) fixed it right up!

Old ----> New

Better? Worse? Any more flaws?

Loving the Scyther, by the way. C:

Oh, and that reminds me:

I lied; the body is actually an edited Electrode. :B I just remembered. Everything else is scratched though. So more 65%? :V
Ahh, haha, I see. It's awesome. ^^

No worries. x)

Awesome! It's always good to look at other pokemon to see how it's done. :3 Much better! Still has some hiccups here and there, but it's a lot better than the first time. Often people are afraid to shade anywhere other than around the edges, but in reality they need to shade in to get the dimensional effect. xDD If you don't mind, do you think I could reshade it just so you can see how I'd do it? :D

Thank you. :3 What about Shadow? o:

xDDD Well that's still pretty good. That's about how scratched Shadow is too. o: Or maybe a bit more... You decide. xD

Originally Posted by Kuitaran View Post
this is also for SotW can some one give me some crit im still an newbie

Uploaded with

it is a butterfree retyped to fire because fire is of course super effective against bug and flying (or is butterfree no fly type?)
I like it. When I first saw this in the contest thread, I was like "Woah, I have some competition!" xD I do like it, but I think you should have changed the body, since it still looks like a butterfree. o: Also, since butterfree are blue and purple, and you've recoloured it as orange, I think you should change it to have some yellow where the blue usually is, or some other colour. Maybe, to make it less bug-like, replace the eyes, antenne and mouth with other things.

Originally Posted by Male Snorunt View Post

Luckily, the requirements for SOTW2 matches up with a request I got recently. :D I tried really hard to do well on it. In my eyes, it's a bit crowded, but I love it. X3
'S not crowded at all. ^^ (Have you seen mine? xDDD) In fact, I really like it. I quite like how you've added the iciness; ice retypes are not easy to do. But there are some crowded pixels on the right wing's outline. c: Other than that it's really nice. ;3

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post
Here's my entry for SotW2:

A scyther retyped as an ice and flying type. I know they're already half flying, but pretend they're not!
Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post
This is a Shadow the Hedgehog sprite I created from the R/S (I think) Mewtwo sprite.

I think he came out okay...but I'm annoyed because it's actually for a hack I'm going to make with a friend, and therefore he can only have 16 colours. xD Annoying. 'Cause I had to join them and stuff... So, the hand was from a machamp sprite, although I edited it, and practically everything else is scratch. Apart from the Mewtwo base/pose thing. Yep.
Nobody commented. :C Well, BlueJello was kind enough to comment on my scyther. Comments, please? It's always nice to get them when I spend time commenting on other people's work...

Everyone who's still stuck here, Pe2k is Dead. It's sad, but it happened. Instead, we moved to...

Pokemon Crossroads!
Pe2k's spiritual successor! :D I'm Suicune's Fire there.
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