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Originally Posted by Temporal Snake View Post
Do you love your planet and fellow human being? There's no reason for the manipulative ways of the US government. The world should be working towards peace, and that's obviously not an interest in the capitalist system as several of the leaks have pointed out.

I think the citizens of the US should take their heads out of their asses and demand true change instead of their pathetic blind consumerism.

Also Assange is an Australian citizen, and if he's extradited to the US, it's nothing more that the US continuing to break international law.

The Cold War never ended, and this is only the beginning. The flawed system will lose eventually, and I can only hope for that day to come soon. And shame on anyone who believes the lies and propaganda of the US government. I suggest you read on the principles of Communism/Socialism. How can a system that puts human compassion and sharing above all else be wrong? Right, because the system that puts money above all else said so. Do you enjoy being a slave to money?
Did I ask for sarcasm, no I did not.

I never said the Cold War ended, I just said the Soviet Union, a communist regime I may add, failed.

And do you realize that Communism has no human rights or moral standings? Have you ever seen pictures of the poor souls from the gulags. Have you ever spoken to a person who lived in the Communist states? I have, from Czechoslovakia to Russia itself. Their stories never put any emphasis on human morals. And, since Communism is a branch of Socialism, I'd say that Socialism is just as flawed economically than Capitalism is.

And why do you think that the Capitalist idea is so horrible. Why? Because you have to work for a living, because you have to be a good worker to keep your job, because you don't get sweet little welfare checks to pay for your every need. Listen, Capitalism is not a form of government, which so many people fail to understand. Capitalism is a form of economics, sort of like a free-trade-market. The Socialist economic system does not create wealth, it spreads it out. Want to know why many European countries are going bankrupt? Because the Socialist governments with their Socialist economies cannot support all the people that are OUT of work and need their nice little checks.

You think that you are not a "slave" to money? Do you realize that the very thing you are on now, you are most-likely paying for? Every action you do is influenced by money no matter what form of economy you have.

I could go on and on about the flaws of both Capitalism and Socialism, but that would not sway you because it seems you are set in your ways. Both Socialism and Capitalism share major flaws that can lead to terrible outcomes. No one ever said that Capitalism is perfect, but it seems that you think that your precious Socialism is prefect, which is a flawed view.

Honestly, there is no morality in politics and nation/international desires so stop believing there is. America is willing to screw small little countries to make cash and cause little wars all throughout the globe to fund their country. Russia did the same thing, so did Germany, so is China, so is Korea, so is most of north Africa. Face it, most governments are just of guilty of crap as the U.S are. And before you go on and on about how patriotic and blind I am, I am not a born U.S citizen.
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