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Default Re: Phantom Blade [RP]

Leander Campitor
Order of the Phantom Blade
Temple of the Order (Meditation Room)

Leander did not listen closely to Virgil's explanation of Dinako's Children. He already knew about them from personal experience. He felt his blood boil slightly as he thought of the sorceress, Midna. Leander shifted somewhat anxiously and considered the riddle. Lock, lock... Try as he may, he couldn't fathom it.

“So, when do we begin?” Lucretia spoke, and Leander focused. He looked up and at her. A good question.

"I suppose we can begin straightaway, provided there's nothing else the Council of Three wants to tell us?" He focused briefly on the three old monks. Of course, there were also traveling supplies to be thought of... Unless they had been already prepared for. Scienta Fontis was not long away, but he was sure there would be other places that would be a further distance. And Dinako's Children would be trying to stop them... They had to be prepared.

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