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Default Pokemon Ranger: Reigon Revoloution

5 years have passed since the incedint in Oblivia(Pokemon Ranger: Ranger Signs), And the duo that saved it from danger retired and became store owners. Their Stylers were destroyed, and Ukelele Pichu went with his buddys into the wild. Now new evil has rised and causing chaos in every reigon! Here's whats happened so far:

Kanto: A group called the Grass Gangsters have stolen every Pokemon from every citizin, And wild Pokemon seam very agitaited.

Johto: The Dark Deliquents have destroyed the Whirl Islands, with Lugia nowhere to be seen, and people and Pokemon are heart broken.

Hoenn: The Fire Theifs have burned down every forset in sight, and Crobat, Golbat, and Zubat population have highly increased throughout the whole reigon.

Sinnoh: The Steel Smackers used some kind of weapon to turn Pokemon to steel, and Mew has been spotted alot lately.

Fiore: Now the The Flying Freaks have kidnapped all the Diglett, and the water has become very strong.

Almia: The Water Whackers have hypnatized all the water Pokemon, and trees have fallen a ton of times.

Oblivia: The origanol Pokemon Pinchers are back and stronger than ever! And Rasp Canyon has recently had very large Pokemon visted.

Rules For:

Rangers: You have a Styler, and a recharer you can use only once every while. You can use Save Machines to restart there if your Styler breaks, And Charging Machines for you know what. You can have 7 pokemon at atime. You can have 3 partner pokemon and only partners can evolve. Only Pokemon you have a really close bond with can have Ranger Signs with them.

Pokemon: You can have 2 moves and 1 field move depending on type and evoloution. You start on a first stage. Instead of Ranger Signs, You'll have Pokemon Calls, same rules apply.

Name: Maximus
Pokemon Or Ranger: Ranger
Appearance: 10 years old, Brown spiked hair, red t shirt, black jeans, blue eyes, tan skin.
Partner Pokemon: Eevee
Partner Ability: When Eevee touches another Pokemon, his type changes to that Pokemon's type.

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