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Default Re: Ties of Fate [SU]

Very good, very good; now go post!

And another one from me.

Name: Argos Valentine

Age: 28 (Roughly)

Race: Lycan; a chimerical cross between humanoid features and demonic ones, animal of origin undeterminable, may have been a vampire bat.

Gender: Male

Faction: Independent; Prefers to do whatever is necessary for the situation in the interests of his species as a whole.

Magic abilities: High proficiency in Shadow magic, can fire concentrated bursts of energy from his hands with sufficient magic power.

Weapons: Claws; A pair of black gauntlets that seem fused with his hands, they are as sharp as any sword, and these are usually considered more deadly than some of his other weapons.

Dark Memento; An ancient black sword with thin green runes running up the blade. It looks to be stone, and flares out into a rounded two-pronged shape at the end. Once belonged to Luna's father.

Black Shadow; A black handgun modified to have three barrels and store up to thirty shots before requiring a reload, it was forged with the intent of close-range combat despite the two foot barrel. It can weather sword blows well, and packs a powerful kick, but at the cost of being extremely difficult to use and having a lengthy reload when it is out of shots.

Interesting abilities: Possesses the power of flight, but keeps his wings hidden in the form of a cape (How he accomplishes this is unknown). Also possesses the ability to cook well and has above-average melee fighting skills, to the point where he can use his gun to similar effects as his sword or claws.

Personality: Argos is most often described as being somber and a bit quiet, though he doesn't mind conversing with others. He is friendlier than his looks would lead you to think, and unlike some of his species has no qualm with humans further than what they bring upon themselves. He sticks to the moral side of things most of the time, but he has shown before that he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty if that's what it takes. He prefers not to make strong relationships with people after a previous event in his life, but those who have befriended him on some level have found out that he holds a fierce loyalty to anyone he deems worth his effort to defend. He doesn't use humor too much, but when he does his preferred vein of it is sarcasm, though he does give occasional jokes. He is oddly energetic despite acting so much like he doesn't care.

History: Argos Valentine was the younger brother of Luna Valentine's father, and grew up in the same village. He was considered a bit of an oddity because of his choice of such an unorthodox animal, a vampire bat, to transform in to, but that didn't stop any of them from being friendly to him or liking him. He was a bit more well known than his brother because of his strange choices in weapons, fighting style and even trade, but the two got along as well as two brothers could. Argos didn't marry, or even search for a wife, while his brother did, and his brother raised a family while he was perfecting his fighting style and pursuing work as a guard of the town. However, a change in the demeanor of the people in town led to them starting to hold Argos in contempt, accusing him of several crimes he didn't commit, despite him being elsewhere when they happened. He was actively involved in helping raise his niece Luna when she was born, and was around just as much as her father, if at different times. He was happy for his brother, even if the rest of the small village seemed to be hating him for so much as existing for reasons he couldn't wring from his former friends. As it turned out, one of the town elders had learned of a prophecy that said that ruin would befall the village if someone matching Argos's description took the form of a bat at his coming of age. Though Argos had no idea, no one seemed willing to give him the benifit of the doubt-- In fact, they thought he was going to bring it about.

Years passed, and Argos put up with the treatment, finding a place of refuge at his brother's home and helping to raise his niece as best he could-- Mostly in helping her mother with various odd jobs and keepign the young girl entertained with stories and games. Eventually, this came to an end when, roughly twelve years after the people of his village had begun to resent him, a band of roving warriors happened upon their village and attacked. Argos did the best he could to help hold off the soldiers, but there were too many for their villages small fighting force to hold off, and the town ended up burned to the ground. Somehow, he wasn't killed by the attack, and when the soldiers had gone, he regained consciousness to find most everyone dead or dying, including his brother. Before he died, his brother passed on the family heirloom, a black sword that had survived the fighting, to him and request that he find and look after Luna, who he had told to run away when the fighting started. Argos agreed, and though he searched for his niece for months, he couldn't find her anywhere near; the trail had gone cold, and had been marred by the passing of animals, preventing him from getting a bearing on where she might have gone. Disheartened, Argos gave up after a year of searching and finding nothing, wandering south until he came upon the human settlement of Amberground. There he 'fell in' with the company of a pair called Neon and Hyde, a pair of postmen who served as a combination of a first defense and a postal service in Amberground alongside the rest of the post. They were Lycans, similar to he, but they didn't quite have his problems. Though he hadn't noticed it at first, he found he couldn't turn into his animal form any longer, instead exhibiting several traits from different creatures he couldn't place, which included his claws (And even he can't tell if they're gauntlets or his actual hands) and wings. He decided he would say he was simply a chimera when asked about it and move on, without much further mention. Argos has remained in Amberground since then, and helps defend the port city against various creatures and threats. Some tried to get him to side with the rebellion, but he has no interest in the human civil war beyond people will get hurt and need to be kept safe. Unknown to him, he's almost found his niece quite a few times, but ended up not finding her because of the changes brought about when he was struck down interfering with his ability to track her by scent in animal form, and likewise it probably prevented her from discovering him as well.

Appearance: Argos is a lithe young man that wears a red shirt and white tie beneath a black cloak and pants. His hair is naturally white and had grown to be quite long, and he has a dark red cape that is actually his wings carefully folded over each other. He has greenish-blue eyes that bear slit pupils.

Other: Anything not fitting in the above categories.
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