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Default Re: [pokemon rp] Through To The Dream World SU/OOC

OOC: This is on pokecommunity, is it not?

IC: Reserve me a spot here please!
My SU so far:

Name: Susan Thorpe

Gender: Female

Age: 10

Physical description (clothes): Susan wears very simple attire. As long as she can easily move in it it's OK for her. However, there are some clothes she likes to wear the most. Those are a blue t shirt, plain with no patterns or pictures on. A dark blue wool cardigan would be worn by Susan when the weather is cold. She also like to wear her black shorts, wiht almost-black stripes going vertically on them. Sometimes Susan will dis her shorts and wear black leggings instead. When she wears her black leggings, she wears a pink skirt over them. Susan also wears black Nike

Phys description (body):




Species: Skitty
Gender: Female
Special traits: Is called Candy by Susan.
Personality: Candy is very playful and energetic. She loves to play, and never turns down a game. However, she is quite disobedient, playing instead of listening to Susan's commands.

Are we allowed to have more than one pokemon?
OOC: I'll use the same SU over at pokecommunity. Just telling you now.
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