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Default Re: The problem of Evil

Originally Posted by Rinn View Post
It wouldn't make sense, period. If you're religious, and you do believe in God, you must believe in the Devil for the balance to be there. Otherwise there is no punishment for doing wrong, only rewards for doing right. While quite the idealistic world to live in, it can't be so, thus bringing into play the balance factor.
Given that idealistic situation, the counter to the rewards of doing right is that you get nothing, therefore not doing right would then be considered evil as you do not reap the benefits. Beyond a certain point everyone will be expected to reap the same benefits and not having those benefits is regarded as a punishment. Good and evil will thus always exist.

By the way Lus, he was actually replying to me with the "emotional appeals" and "you must prove your case". Just saying.

Mons are here though

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