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Default Re: Ties of Fate [SU]

Originally Posted by ID Saraibre Ryu View Post
Feel free to ask me any questions. She isn't as crazy as she seems at first glance.

Character is copyright of me. Any similar theft, use, duplication will have heavy consequences.

Name: Ryu-Ikimono, AKA Ryu

Age: 712 years, 17.8 dragon years. (40 human years =1 dragon year)

Gender: Female

Race: Necro-dragon (A dragon essentially based around Necromancy magic)

Faction: Currently Neutral

Magic abilities:
Blood Necromancy:
Can call on the dead marked by her necromancy mark to aid her, can ignite her blood into flame to heal herself or harm others. Blood is highly corrosive so it varies and is risky. Able to create a loophole to bring herself back from the dead. The amount of damage varies the length of recovery, possible comatose if very much damage is done. This does not work under the following conditions:
`Heart is removed from her body

`Body is ‘bodyhopped’ which Ryu has a week to have her soul return to her original body.
`Soul has taken far too much damage and can no longer sustain itself.
Note: Ryu does not like to bring marked victims back from the dead. Heavily suppresses her blood magic, can result in berserk form shifting and loss of mental control. Having no one killed and marked by her hand in this land as of yet, she isn't able to bring back souls from beyond the grave.

Mirror Wandering/Shadow Jumping:
Mirror Wandering involves using reflective surfaces to enter the passage of mirrors. The entire realm is completely white. The only thing that is seen are other reflective surfaces respective to there they are in the real world. Shadow Jumping involves the same thing, only using the shadows, and is accompanied by vertigo and she can't see where she is going, can only imagine where she wants to go. As she isn't familiar with the land, she isn't keen on using either of these.
Use of it varies. It is not teleporting as walking is required.

All’s End Form:
Only in All’s End form Ryu can use masses of dark energy, used for obliteration, mayhem, the usual chaos, blah blah blah.

Despite being a dragon, Ryu has no breath. Using her abilities listed above will be used in the utmost of sparingness.

Weapons: Ryu ‘carries’ a heavy large (like FFVII Buster Blade large) chained broadsword. Each blade piece is held together by a spine of dark energy. The sword is called ‘Aldvir’ and is possessed by a demonic serpent of that name. This allows her to ‘summon’ the sword in a way.
Note: See Slayerdramon’s Sword for a reference in basic appearance.

Interesting abilities:
Superior strength and stamina (stamina in regular form)
Flying, she’s got wings, duh
Heightened Immune System
Shapeshifting: Can only shapeshift into forms she has attained through her special method of doing so. Will list forms in Appearance.
Jack of all trades type person, can learn various skills and knows how to do a lot.

Personality: Strong and sarcastic. That sums up Ryu in two words. In more, she is a sharp witted, daredevil, risk taking, ‘check the bill after’ type person. She gets into trouble, and gets out of it the same way she came in. Under all that sarcasm and sharp wit however is a selfless, stubborn as hell and then some, great person, friend and ally. Get on the wrong side of her and you’re most likely staying there. She isn’t fond of kids, at least she’d never admit, as only a very select few of ‘child-like’ characters that have made it onto her ‘fond’ list. Ryu is also not fond of the male variety of, well anything. She never backs down from a fight, never lets those innocent get hurt, even if it kills her. She doesn’t care much about her own well being much at all, only cares about those close to her. She never had a chance to be a kid, even with that, she tries to do her best to fight her destiny that ripped away her childhood. On the deep inside, she's the kid she was never able to be, but there is only one person in the entire world

History: Ryu was forcibly taken by Nothingness in order to become the Harbinger of All’s End. How she escaped is a wondrous mystery, especially at a very young age. Afterwards, she was banished and known as the Renegade Outlander by only those that have seen her be exiled. This place was in a far away land, extremely far from the land she is currently in. A world traveller, Ryu has many skills that she’s taken upon herself to learn and fights the fate she was forced into by doing good for others. She travels alone, looking for a way to bring her one and only true friend back to life. Her life is surrounded by an enigma, as she is extremely unique in every way that makes her seem, even, ‘otherworldly’. She travels alone, and likes to keep it that way, even with the current conflict at hand. As far as she knows, she doesn’t know much about the conflict at all,and is leading on her own mission it seems. Due to her very mysterious...ness, she has multiple bounties on her head, but she is used to this. No one has been able to take her in, or lasted conscious for a week after because of it.

Any and all pictures are made by me and are copyright of me. Art theft will not be tolerated.
Regular Appearance:
Ryu stands at 5’8 and is 12 feet long. Her wingspan is about 10 feet. Though her wings look feathered, there not. They’re special scales laid over a membrane. In this form, her stamina is the best, and her strongest limb is her tail. Her eyes start outlined in indigo and then come to a luminous blue as they reach the pupil. Her body colour is an indigo, and her body markings are all violet. Her wings are jet black with each scale tip in a blue. Her underbelly is a dark lavender, and her face markings are in a midnight blue. The gems on her head are a violet tinted blood red.
Human Appearance:
Ryu gives stamina up for speed and agility. Quite the looker, the one mark that remains from her dragon form is the scythe-like marking over her left eye. Her hair is dark but seems to have an indigo tint to it, even when black. Her eyes remain the same. She wears a long jacket, and a hat, similar to what Van Helsing would wear. A dark blue bandana around her face, black gloves, and a belt for holding various tools she happens to pick up. She stands at 5’7 and only weights just under 100 pounds.
All’s End Appearance:
This form varies in size depending on what her power level is at. The more massive, the most powerful. The armor is made of foreign material that seems to be a synthesis of bloodstone, obsidian, and a mysterious crystal known as skaelite. Parts on her armor can come off and come together in another version of her sword, Aldvir. The common, or smallest size is a length 15 feet long, 7 feet tall, 18 foot wingspan, 5 foot extension for sub wings.
Necro-blitz Appearance:
This form follows the same colouring as her regular form. On her legs are gems that can shred. This form is only used then her necromancy ability is suppressed too much that it escapes on it’s own. A length of 15 feet, height of six feet and wingspan of 17 feet. Her eyes are a contrasting red when in a berserk rage. She is far more gaunt and thin, making her far less durable in a fight, however she can dish out what she can’t take.
Other: There are certain places and certain actions that will cause a psychological surge in her brain and will make her act suddenly in a different way.
I'd like to add a new form to Ryu's arsenal:

Eclimancy Form: Picture is mine, steal and you die
A cross of Alls End and Necromancy, this form was specifically made to vent out the powers of Nothingness and her blood magic of Necromancy. This form is slightly larger than her Necromancy form, and she is capable of spit-fire, basically shooting viscous violet flames that become stronger the more damage that is done to her, as it is ignited by her blood. This is a more rounded, and more sane form. Ryu can be bipedal or quadruped, and her armor is hard enough to give her some endurance. Yes, she has spikes on her arms and her tail is often used to slash or spear her enemies.
VPP STATS Paired with: Sandstorm Lavastone <3 Neon the Jolteon Level100: 6576
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