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Default Re: [SU] Shadow of the Dunsparce

Tran gave me the go-ahead to make a Lieutenant, sooo here we go.

Name: Harley Devereaux

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Alignment: Pirate Lieutenant

Appearance: Harley is tall and almost catlike in movement. He's roughly five feet eleven inches He has whitish-blond hair and pale skin, with sharp blue eyes and delicate features. He has an aristocratic air, and he's always straight-backed, with chin slightly up. He has a slender figure, and is not muscular. He has excellent teeth. A small white scar runs across his left cheek. He keeps his hair tied back in a ponytail- his hair is actually quite long, about waist length... It's not entirely uncommon for him to be mistaken as a girl from the back. He's very quick to correct you, however.

Harley tends to dress formally. Normal attire is a light blue frock coat and a white button-up shirt beneath it, and brown trousers. He also wears tall brown boots with buckles across the ankle, middle, and top of the boot (they make him seem slightly taller than he really is). A red bandana is tied around his head, and he wears small gold earrings. Oddly enough, he never seems silly- it only aids to his refined air.
Personality and Background: Harley is calm and collected, and seems to be aloof and and somewhat above it all. He is clearly used to giving orders, and anyone who dares to question his authority is met only with a disdainful stare- if Harley deems it worth his time to notice them at all, however. He may seem like he is unflappable, but in reality, he's actually easily irritated. Occasionally, his haughty manner will break with a short burst of anger, which rarely lasts very long. But afterward, he's rather morose and temperamental, and tends to keep away from everyone else. He's usually quietly predicting tragedies, which he also prepares for. The only time he's somewhat cheerful, or at least pleased with himself, is when his predictions come true. He is very intelligent, however, and nimble-minded, usually able to think of solutions to problems at the drop of a hat.

Why exactly Harley resides on the Dunsparce when his manner clearly communicates that he's from some form of high birth is unclear. He certainly keeps it to himself. All anyone knows is that he came aboard the Dunsparce at age 17, and swiftly climbed the ranks to Lieutenant. It's apparent that he has his eye on the spot of captain, however- Harley aims high.
Pokemon: Zenas- Staraptor, male. Sits on Harley's shoulder and generally scares people with it's intimidating glower.
Shishkina- Espeon, Female. Tends to prowl the ship and observe the going ons. Whenever she sees troublemakers, Harley seems to know about it.
Other: While nimble in mind, he is also nimble physically. And fast. Generally good at escaping (which comes in handy when you're a pirate). And airborne absols.

Could've been better, but ehhh.

THANK YOU CHAAAAR. *uberglomp*
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