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Default Re: Manifest Destiny =A Bleach RP= [RP]

OOC: I don’t mind. I’m just glad someone else is posting XD. I’m gonna have to PM the others and let them know this is up, maybe they don’t know.


Kuramori Iochi
World of the Living, Karakura Town
Rogue Soul Reaper

Kuramori was indeed surprised when the boy spoke to her, and for a moment she could only laugh. She couldn’t tell just how well the little human could perceive her, but for him to be aware of her at all was a boon! She could have even more fun with someone who could see her, as opposed to someone who only felt the cut of her blade against their flesh.

She was cut off when a Manifestation suddenly intruded on the moment, attacking her toy and ruining Kuramori’s good mood. She growled angrily, sounding like an irate dog, and whipped her Zanpaku-to around as she turned. The Manifestation was big, bigger than Kuramori by several feet. It was also bulky, and this combination might have made anyone else pause, just for a moment, before attacking. Kuramori, however, was not anyone else. She cackled for a moment before crouching, ready to leap at the Manifestation and tear it to pieces with Collapse.

At that moment, however, several smaller Manifestations arrived on the scene. They set upon their larger brethren, attacking with viciousness normally only reserved for stronger prey. The larger monster bellowed in pain and anger, thrashing its thick arms around uselessly as it tried to throw off its assailants. It was a futile effort, though, and even though it was much larger than any of the individual Manifestations attacking it, their sheer number quickly overwhelmed the beast. It fell, dead, to the ground, and Kuramori danced around the corpse with a gleeful laugh.

“My good little pets, come to protect me! Good little pets you are, to come and help me instead of eating!” she said cheerfully. One of the smaller Manifestations leapt from the body and scuttled over to her, making excited sounds. It resembled a cat with red scales instead of fur and a body like a centipede’s. It was about the length of Kuramori’s arm, and when it came to her, she stopped long enough to scoop it up in her free hand. She spun in a circle and ended up facing the young man who she’d followed, the other Manifestations gathering behind her as she studied the boy.

“My little pets are very playful,” she said, sounding like this was a normal conversation between normal people under normal circumstances. “Sometimes they get too playful and end up killing their toy. Then they get mad. But I’ve been teaching them not to be so rough. If you’re gentle, the toy lasts longer.” She giggled softly as the Manifestation in her arm snarled at the boy, curling around Kuramori’s arm and looking ready to attack. Kuramori cooed at it and the thing settled down. “See? She wants to play with you, but they’ve had their fun. No, you’re MY toy, little baby.”

But at that moment, she sensed another Taichou. She didn’t recognize them right away, which meant it had to be the new Taichou of Squad 9. She also sensed Hisagi-Fukutaichou, but she paid his presence no mind. He was no Taichou, though he’d been acting like one for Squad 9 for a while after Tousen-Taichou had left.

And with another Taichou present, Kuramori’s inate paranoia of them finding and killing her kicked in. She hissed angrily, and the Manifestations around her reacted to her angered fear. They shifted uneasily and growled at nothing, some of them snapping at each other.

“Taichou,” she spat, backing away a few paces without realizing it. “Bastards! One day I’ll see them all dead, dead…” Kuramori barked a harsh laugh, then focused on the young human before her. “Lucky little baby. The Taichous are here, and I won’t let them find me. Not until I can make sure they all die, die, die…but it’s okay, little baby. I’ll find you again soon and we can play aaaaaaaaallllllll night.” She then sheathed Collapse and leapt onto the roof she’d recently jumped down from, darting away and vanishing entirely within seconds. The Manifestations eyed the young man for a moment before leaving as well, having heard Kuramori’s claim of the human. They knew better than to try attacking someone she wanted to play with.


Kilara Zirrin
World of the Living ; Karakura Town
Human Deliverer

The battle was actually starting to go in our favor. The ranks were thinning and we still hadn’t lost anyone. A few of the Soul Reapers had some minor injuries, but so far we’d been extremely lucky. None of the Manifestations we’d fought so far had been capable of using Mani, which had been a huge boon. It seemed like the fight was starting to die down, and I had time to notice when Vice-Captain Abarai arrived. He left before too long, taking a few of the Soul Reapers around me with him. I offered a quick wave before turning back to the battle.

It was only a few moments later when the new Captain of Squad 9 abruptly showed up, followed by Vice-Captain Hisagi. The Captain, who’s name I couldn’t remember, casually attacked the remaining Manifestations, destroying most of them in one go. Hisagi motioned for us to stop fighting, which wasn’t too hard considering only a few Manifestations remained. None of them looked too keen to press the attack, and a few turned tail and fled. When they booked, the other five or so decided now would be a good time to take off as well. I paid them no mind, because at that moment several Knights popped into view. They seemed a bit surprised to find the battle over, but when they spotted the fleeing Manifestations, they gave chase.

“Excuse me, Ms. Kilara,” Hisagi was saying. I turned my attention to him. “ My Captain and I need you to take us to Manifest.”

“Oh?” I replied, sheathing my sword and taking stock of myself. I had a few cuts from stray Manifestation claws, but all of them had already stopped bleeding. All in all, it had been a good fight for us. Only a few light injuries, no fatalities, no Manifestations throwing Mani around like crazy…a good fight indeed. “I guess that won’t be a problem, but I think I should stress the fact that it ain’t fun there. With Manifest merging with our Outworld, it’ll only be even more chaotic, if that’s even possible.” I then faced the Soul Reapers I’d been fighting with, smiling and thanking them for their help. I offered Captain Kuchiki another wave before turning back to Hisagi and Squad 9’s Captain. “Gimme a second, ‘kay?”

I walked forward a few steps and held out my hands, gathering Mani before them and forming it into a concentrated ball of dark purple light. After I had an orb the size of a beach ball, I muttered, “Unlock,” and clapped my hands together. The light expanded and took on the form of a tall rectangle, and then it flickered slightly. When it became stable, the light receded until a scene of madness was visible on the other side of the gateway. The world of Mani lie beyond the portal I’d formed, and it was in full insanity-mode. The landscape changed and warped constantly; the ground heaved and pulsed while grass grew, became trees which in turn became clouds, and these melted away into a brief snowstorm that covered the land. The snow, instead of melting, became hundreds of butterflies that fluttered away. Some remained as they were, most became something entirely different. The ground itself changed as well, bulging into hills, dipping into craters, forming a forest here and a mountain there. The mountain faded away as the forest sunk into an ocean. The only constant thing was the light. A bright red orb that was similar to our world’s Sun cast an eternal red-gold light over Manifest. There was no day, no night, no change at all in the strength of the light cast by the strange sphere in the sky, which itself constantly changed color and even texture.

After opening the portal, I glanced back at the others and offered a faint smile.

“Next stop, Manifest," I told them. "Come on, I'll give you a tour of the madness." I then turned back to the portal and stepped through it, actually feeling the shift from reality to the complete lack of reality. It was something I'd never gotten used to, something I'd been told most everyone never gets used to.
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