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Default Re: Ties of Fate [SU]

Sorry that this is uber late, Metal, but I got something done ^^' Man, Christmas is hectic, as usual xD I have another one coming that I'll try to get finished here soon, though.

Name: Saeri

Age: 16

Race: Fairy

Gender: Female

Faction: She isn’t too happy with the Royal Army, and tends to favor the Rebels

Magic abilities: Fairies are gifted with all areas of magic, but Saeri is strongest in Nature magic, which is a mostly earth-elemental magic. It might not seem all that useful, but she can control plants and tame wild-life. She has a good hand at healing, and actually has a little control over earth, being able to move dirt, chuck rocks (ha, ha), so on. Saeri actually knows how to do certain charms, such as sleeping spells, dizzy spells, sneezing spells, and whatever else can drive people nuts.

Weapons: Minature bow and arrow that no one takes seriously, yet she tips the dart-like arrows with special herbs and potions often. Even though one sting won’t kill ya, you might get knocked out with whatever she uses.

Interesting abilities: Saeri has a way with plants. She has an immense knowledge of their uses and will use that for anything she wishes. Otherwise, she’s just a silly little fairy.

Personality: Saeri is ever the rebel, very feisty and arrogant. She doesn’t like being told what to do, and prefers to think independently. Saeri tends to be a bit touchy about being a fairy; if people automatically stereo-type her, she lashes out with vengeance. She doesn’t like people thinking that just because she’s a fairy, she’s weak, frail, and flower-headed. She works hard to overcome these stereotypes by acting tough and tomboyish, though often times she can get carried away…

History: This testy little fairy was born in the wild forests west of the Fujin Mountains. There, her people had little dealings with other races, and lived happily and peacefully from day to day. The fairies were content to spend their days tending the animals and plants of their homeland, and couldn’t be trifled with any other concern. And in all honesty, Saeri wasn’t all that content with that kind of life. She was a bit different then her kin, being much more adventurous and restless. She’d often go off exploring and end up in trouble—usually upsetting the forest’s gruffer denizens. Of course, she was rather burdensome to her family, but soon they had bigger problems to worry about then their headstrong daughter.

A lord from Harribel Castle came to inherit the land Saeri’s clan lived on, and he didn’t give it a second thought to clear the forestland to make way for farms and a new town. Abruptly, the forests fell and Saeri’s clan found themselves without a home. They were scattered abroad. Soon Saeri found herself in a tiny group that consisted of her closest family members—all who were distraught. Only she and her sister kept an even head, but when it came to decide what to do next, the two were at odds. Saeri’s sister, who had always been seen as the more mature and even-tempered one, wanted to approach things in a diplomatic way. She wanted to confront the humans and see if an agreeable recompense could be reached. Saeri just wanted to fly in and kick all their butts for being so rude.

Of course, her family decided to go with her sister’s suggestion. They went up to the lord and demanded some repayment for their lost—but they weren’t taken seriously at all. In the end, they were the ones kicked out and mocked. Saeri was infuriated, upset with both the disrespect they received, and the foolishness of her family. She went about cursing the land with her magic, making it difficult for the humans to live there. Weeds grew out of control, and foxes always managed to sneak into chicken pens—no matter what the humans did. Cattle grew sick, ditches overflowed, and roads were overgrown in a matter of weeks. But Saeri and her family left their old home in this chaos, and flew out to face the rest of the world.

They quickly found out how unforgiving it could be. Her family became the victims of several crimes, from thievery to deceit and so on. Saeri’s level-headed sister was actually kidnapped, but in the end these events only hardened Saeri. She grew street-smart and tough, and became disillusioned with the government of the West. Nowadays, she’s started to support the rebellion, hoping to get equal rights for her fairy kin.

Appearance: For a fairy, Saeri is rather lanky and—dare we say it—tall (a whole inch taller than the average pixie). Some would also say she’s not as pretty as one would expect, even with her smooth and nearly perfect complexion. She trims her chocolate-brown hair a bit on the short side, liking to spike it hedgehog-style. Her wings are like those of a dragonfly, transparent, but with a greenish-tint to them.

Other: Don’t eat my left kidney! :O


Name: Dyrikoda

Age: 16

Race: Dragon Succubi

Gender: Male

Faction: Rebel

Magic abilities: Being a Succubi from the Dragon Isles, Dyrikoda has a little talent with Fire elemental magic. Though he doesn’t know too much, he knows enough to ignite the blades of his swords while in combat. After joining the rebels, he started learning some more magic, including the element of Wind. However, he is still young and learning.

Weapons: Dual Dao-like swords

Interesting abilities: Well, he’s a Dragon Succubi, so he has bat-like wings and can fly. Can’t think of much else then that. xD

Personality: Dyrikoda has a bright curiosity about the world around him, and has the thirst of adventure in him. But since he lived in a rather sheltered childhood, he tends to be a bit simple and naive at times. There’s loads of stuff that he doesn’t know or understand, but he longs to learn. At times he can be rather bold, but his bravery has yet to be tested. Still, there’s much goodness in him, and he will remain loyal to his comrades and friends. He’s not cocky, just confident in what he does. He joined the rebels for several reason, mostly because he felt that their cause was just, and because they promised to help him find his father.

History: This Succubi was born on the Dragon Roost Isles, where the race tended to be a bit secluded. Well, maybe a lot secluded. In fact, the Dragon Succubi look down at other races. They were all kinds of prideful, arrogant, and stuck-up folks in his village. Visitors were rarely admitted and closely watched if they stayed too long. For anyone growing up in this environment, it was easy to become just as conceited, but Dyrikoda had the fortunate fate of being raised by a humble and kind Succubi. Though his mother had passed away, his father, named Theynor, brought him up against the teachings of the local folk.

Theynor’s cooler attitude came from his trade as a merchant, and often he had business dealings with the people of the Harribel Kingdom. He saw past all the stereotypes and superstitions the Dragon Succubi had forged of the other races, and grew kind to those he dealt with. He passed on this new-found attitude to his son, and soon Dyrikoda grew a fascination for the realms outside his island. Both he and his father became a little enigmatic with the rest of the village, but they didn’t care. There was wisdom in spreading their gaze farther than what was right in front of them.

One day, Theynor’s latest trade with the kingdom had gone wrong, somehow. He had to go himself to sort things out, and Dyrikoda begged him to let him tag along. He was certainly old enough, and didn’t want to miss the chance to leave his island for a little while. Finally, Theynor relented and the two sailed to Amberground Port. When the seas were spread out all before them, Dyrikoda thought he was going to have a great time; he’d get to see new things, meet new people, and have a tiny adventure.

He couldn’t have been more wrong.

They made port, and found an inn to stay until Theynor could sort through his business. Dyrikoda—despite being told to stay at their room—ventured out into the streets and wandered into the marketplace for some time, getting his share of new things. He stayed out later than he meant to, and thought for certain as he made his way back that he was going to get in trouble with his dad, but when he got back to the inn, his father hadn’t returned yet. Dyrikoda thought it a little strange, but he made the excuse that perhaps things were taking longer than thought. So he waited. And waited.

Not once during that night did his father return.

The next morning, Dyrikoda woke with panic. What could be keeping his father? What was going on? The feeling of dread rose and rose within him until he couldn’t take it any longer. He left the inn and went down into the ports, seeking out the people who his father had been dealing with. He asked left and right, but no one knew who he was talking about—if they didn’t outright ignore him at first. Fighting discouragement, the boy searched all day with no success. He returned to the inn alone and frightened.

The next day, he did the only thing he could think of: go to the authorities. He went to the guards working beneath the Port’s nobleman (or however that works ^^’) and pleaded his case. He felt yet another disappointment when he received no help. The lazy guards merely said they weren’t obligated to search out for foreign riff-raff who had nothing to do with their kingdom. They also warned the boy that he’d better stop messing around, or they’d arrest him. Disgusted that they refused to help him, Dyrikoda left them and wandered around the streets hopelessly lost.

That’s when the rebels caught wind of him. Someone among them saw how the guards had treated him, and knew that they could score another potential recruit. These rebels, working secretly within the port, befriended Dyrikoda. They ended up being the ones who helped the boy scour the rest of the port for clues, and also gave him a place to stay when the inn finally kicked him out. In time, they revealed their cause to him, and Dyrikoda felt it was right. Though they hadn’t found out anything his father, the rebels promised they would continue the search if the boy joined him. And in the end, he did.

Appearance: Dyrikoda’s tall and lanky, not seeming to have much muscle to him. Of course, this might be because he’s a Dragon Succubi—with bat-like wings, dragon tail, fangs, and amber eyes. Yet as typical of his race, there’s a certain handsomeness behind these draconic features that makes him as handsome as any modern fashion models: a smooth, strong-jawed face, crisp brown hair falling just below his pointed ears, and an disarming smile (even with the fangs). Despite all his good looks, however, Dyrikoda’s as oblivious as a little boy.

Other: A lot of these island names seemed to have come from the Wind Waker LOZ…

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