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Default Sharpedo; low defense, high attack.

Sharpedo is called the bully of the Pokémon sea; and it's true! Sharpedo is my favorite Pokémon, I have him on Ruby and I nicknamed him 'Jaws'. My Sharpedo is a Lv.37 and has an attack that has almosted reached 100 without me even giving him one Protein! The attacks my Sharpedo uses are one reason he is always getting stronger, the main attacks used in battle are: Crunch, and Earthquake. Crunch, which is very useful against Ghost Pokémon, which can come in handy against the Elite Four's 2nd Trainer, and Earthquake, which is a tough, powerful move all together. So in simple terms, I would raise a Sharpedo to it's fullest, but also beware of it's Defense rating, it tends to be low.
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