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Default Re: Manifest Destiny =A Bleach RP= [RP]

Jecht Cekuls
World of the living
Soul Reaper, Captain of Squad 9

Jecht had his eyes closed as the gate opened. As the gate opened more, he reflected on his meeting with the Captain Yammamoto. He had been tasked with a special mission, being a new captain he had to prove himself and this would be a great opportunity. He was tasked with going into the manifest world and performing some recon. So far, Jecht didn’t like this mission. He would have to leave Hisagi in charge of Squad 9. This was not because of him being unable to but because Hisagi was already leading the Squad before Jecht became the official captain. Jecht also found it strange that Kommamura was already in the world and could handle himself well enough on his own. The last concern he had with the mission was that Soi Fon was most likely a much better candidate for this assignment. Yammamoto smiled the whole time and simply stated that he felt Jecht was ready to prove himself to the other captains as well as to Jecht himself, sensing the reluctant fighting spirit in his heart. Jecht abliged, and headed to the world of the living.

Jecht headed here because this was the last known location of a deliverer that wasn’t helping someone else already. Jecht didn’t want to trouble a knight, and he had no idea on how to reach one anyway. As Jecht stepped out of the gate, he heard a shout from behind him. Hisagi, not following his direct order, followed him through the gate and was now beside him. “I let my last captain slip through my hands. I refuse to allow another one to go.” Jecht smiled at this, and motioned him to follow as he headed toward Squad 6.

Jecht was soon at a giant battle between the squad and the hordes of manifestations attacking them. He found a group surrounded by some sort of energy that was now invisible, but he could still sense it. He assumed it mani being used, since his memory could give him no better answer. He found the deliverer he was looking for, but she was in the middle of a fight. He wanted to get to the Manifest, and she could comeback if she wanted to. He yelled in his deep voice “Shock” and the blinding light filled the small area. After the flash, he was in front of the girl with Hisagi behind him. Jecht faced the horde and swung his sword. Just the act of swinging let his sword release a giant outlet of energy that pierced every manifest in front of him and made them disintegrate. Hisagi Held his hands up and motioned for them to stop. “Excuse Ms. Kilara. My captain and I need you to take us to Manifest.” Jecht ran his hand through his hair while they had a moment of peace to think.

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